Tiktok star Noah brady dies by suicide, What happened to him? Explained

Noah Brady

Tiktok star Noah Brady has died at the age of 21. Let’s see, how the Tiktok star died and the Noah Brady cause of death in detail.

How did Noah Brady die?

Noah Brady, better known online as pworddestroyer69, passed away. His family confirmed the news of his demise.

Fans have been grieving the passing of Noah, the talented young TikTok star who was able to make many people happy.

Many individuals quickly expressed their opinions and sent their sympathies to the family on social media.

Noah’s mother, Rena said Noah had been depressed since the ninth grade, but he didn’t tell his family about it until October. “We tried everything we could in that short time to help him,” she said.

“Last night I stayed up all night trying to talk him out of this. Unfortunately, 5:18 am was the last text I received from him. He had told me recently “No one should cry for me. Be happy that I’m no longer in pain because I would never wish this on anyone.” Before rumors get started, he didn’t overdose.”

Rena also urged people to always check on their loved ones while shedding light on the importance of mental health.

Noah Brady Cause of death:

According to his relatives, Noah committed suicide. He committed suicide and it was believed it was because of depression.

Rena Smith Brady, his mother, confirmed the news of his passing on Facebook.

“Sometimes you never know the pain behind someone’s smile,” she added in her post.

The hotel’s front desk employee expressed regret and stated, “I’m sorry when he checked in about midnight I would have never guessed this outcome. He checked in smiling” That was Noah, he had the biggest and most contagious smile of anyone I know. Noah was kind. He was the life of the party.

“Noah was a friend to all and one of the least judgmental people I know. Those who know him know that he wasn’t the same person he portrayed on social media.”

Funeral arrangements will be posted at a later time. We’re hoping for next Saturday in Showlow.

Who was Noah Brady?

Noah was a social media influencer who has more than 17k followers on Instagram and over 300k followers on TikTok.

When he made a decision to record videos of himself getting tattooed every day for a year, he quickly gained popularity on TikTok. In July 2021, he published the first video regarding this challenge.

Since then, Noah had inked various items that his followers had mentioned.
Orange soda, juice boxes, record players, and many more are a few examples.

Condolences to Noah Brady:

Layne Thompson posted,

Lost another person that I have always looked up too. Someone that helped me through hard times and gave me joy and happiness through the content he made on Tiktok. When I was having a bad day his videos would turn it around and put a smile on my face. You will truly be missed Noah. My condolences go out to Noah’s family and may god help them through these hard times. #NoahBrady

Noah Hunter posted,

I loved watching this guys tiktoks. this is so sad.

𝔅𝔯𝔦 tweeted,

Noah Brady aka pworddestroyer69 on the clock app died and I am not okay his videos made me so happy 🙁 he was such a king :(((

casie wndl tweeted,

I’m so sad to find out ab the passing of noah brady


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