Tiktok star Megan Maryanski dies, passed away after a prolonged cancer battle


Tiktok star Megan Maryanski dies, passed away after a prolonged cancer battle

Tiktok star, Instagram influencer, and cancer survivor Megan Maryanski passed away after a prolonged cancer battle. Learn more about her death and Megan Maryanski’s Cancer Journey in detail.

What happened to Megan Maryanski?

Megan Maryanski young woman passed away after a long battle with cancer. A statement confirms her death news, the message reads,

Lost for words tbh! Seen some posts that Megan passed away! Only met her once and she was so nice and always loved her Body! She inspired a lot of people! Rest easy!

Wow, that’s some bad news this morning. Rest in peace, Megan Maryanski. Lord knows you’ve inspired and impacted many, and will be missed by all.

Who was Megan Maryanski?



Megan Maryanski’s Cancer Journey: Explained

Megan’s Boyfriend raising funds for her Girlfriend

Justin Meinert My name is Justin Meinert and this is the story of my girlfriend; Megan Maryanski. In January 2018, Megan was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma. Since she is 19, Megan cannot receive Make-A-Wish, but I want to grant her her greatest wish. Megan is always willing to help other people and I want to help to give back to her.

Megan Maryanski with her boyfriend Megan Maryanski with her boyfriend Justin Meinert (Credit- FaceBook)


Megan’s passion for cars

Megan and I have a passion for cars. It is the reason we met at a local car show in Atlanta named Caffeine and Octane. She has always had a burning passion for the automotive world but has never had the opportunity to own something she could work on, modify, and call her own. Her niche is American pony cars, the only difference between Megan and most people is the fact she requires hand controls. What was initially thought to be a knee injury was actually an aggressive 7cmx7cm tumor growing in her knee.

The osteosarcoma was found after she felt as if she fractured her knee while serving in the U.S. Army; due to her new history of cancer and the multiple surgeries she has endured through her treatment so far, she will never have a chance of re-enlisting.

Leg Amputation

6 rounds of brutal chemotherapy, over half a year of treatment, and a failed surgery that removed her femur, knee, and tibia to replace with metal; not only did the pathology come back that her cancer did not respond to chemotherapy, but now on July 13th, Megan’s right leg must be amputated above the knee.  This is because, within two days of her limb salvage surgery, the hardware in her leg became infected with a drug-resistant bacteria. Making amputation the only option that has the greatest chance of saving her life.

Due to her right leg being amputated, she can no longer drive with standard pedals. To be able to provide something like this to her would be a dream come true. Thank you for all the love and support, Justin Meinert.

Megan Maryanski



Megan’s mother’s prayers for her surgery

Friends, please help by sending a word of encouragement to my daughter Megan Maryanski. As you know, she is a tough young woman fighting osteosarcoma. she has been through chemo and surgery, and is now faced with the amputation of her right leg.

She and her medical team have decided that this is the best chance for her to beat a post-surgical infection, get on to the next round of chemo as quickly as possible, and fully beat this awful cancer. We all agree with her, but as you can imagine it is a tough decision.

Surgery is Friday, and I think it would help to see lots of encouraging words for her from you all.  More importantly, for her to know that you are praying for her, as we know that God is the ultimate healer. Post here, or on her page. Send her a text. Share with others that I may have missed.

She needs the strength and encouragement that you can provide. (her caregivers like me, Jean Maryanski, Jordan Maryanski, Ashley Maryanski, and Justin Meinert probably need it too). God will heal her and get her through this, and get her back to a healthy and active life. Thank you!

Jean Maryanski raising funds for Megan

Hi, my name is Jean Maryanski, Megan Maryanski’s stepmom. I’m reaching out to you, our friends and our family to ask you to help Meg achieve her dream of running again.

Meg was a runner… she ran every day! She was on the Big Creek Greenway, Sawnee Mountain, a trail behind her house, or just on a treadmill if she didn’t have time to run outside. But that girl LOVED to run! We even completed a couple of Peachtree Road Races together before her diagnosis. As most of you know, cancer robbed her of the ability to run when it took one of her legs a few years ago.

There’s a prosthetic leg out there that would allow Meg to run again, but at a cost of $32,000, it’s more than our family can financially handle alone. Our insurance company refuses to cover any of the cost because they don’t consider this leg medically necessary. They will only cover the most basic prosthetic leg for just walking.

Here’s what Meg said this leg would mean to her… “Basically, running again would completely change my life. Ever since elementary school, I’ve been a long-distance runner. Not having the ability to run has been holding me back from accomplishing goals I’ve had for years before I had cancer. I don’t remember what it’s like to run, but I frequently dream of being able to run again.

Any donation at all will be greatly appreciated! Let’s help Meg achieve her dream of running again!!!

Thank you all so much!

Condolences and memories shared by loved ones on social media for Megan

Daulton Coker

Megan Maryanski, You will always be the hands-down strongest person I’ve ever met, from the first day I met you and Justin I knew you were an amazing person!! From shoving me in the back of a mustang to still finding a way to crack jokes with me during the hardest times…when I see you again you best believe we gonna crack more jokes together…we never even got to race our mustangs against each other like we planned …prayers for her family and friends, please…RIP Megan  

Steve Gelles

I’m at a loss for words this morning to this tragic news. Megan Maryanski, I’m honored I was able to call you a friend and be yours as well. From our first conversation, it was an instant friendship. With helping your race program, helping raise money for your cancer treatments, being an ear, and seeing you do great for yourself. You have had a lot of hurdles over the years but you always stood strong. I was proud of you. I still am. Why it hurts to know you are no longer with us. Your kind heart is what we all will miss the most and everyone around you knows it. Until Valhalla… until we regroup.

Britney Friese

Wow. I just saw your post that you were doing good and how happy you seemed that the cancer wasn’t getting worse. The world will miss you, Megan, wish I could’ve got to know you better Rest In Peace — with Megan Maryanski.

Ashley Marie

I’ve tried and tried to find the words and everything just runs together. From the moment we met you, the kids loved you instantly and it was likewise for you. From the fair to nights out, just coming to eat so we could see you, the talks about cancer and how you reminded me of my mom, to YOU making sure the girl’s birthday supper was completely taken care of you were the most beautiful soul we could have in our life. They love the babies had for you because of how you presented yourself to them they knew you would be the perfect fit for the name Aunt Meg!

Last night was a tough one not just for them but for everybody but it showed just how loved you were by everyone. Your girls got up and sang karaoke and Fin said this is for my Aunt Meg. You would have been cheering them on or up there dancing with them like always. So many people walked up to the girls and told them how much they loved them and talked about them. It was one of your favorite things to have them come up and see you at work. Half of these people we didn’t even know but they knew who my babies were all bc of you. They all said at any time they could come up there and talk about you and spend time with them. You conquered everything and the strength you had was amazing! You will be missed so much Meg. We love you so big sweet girl!



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