Thomasina Winslow passed away, American blues musician’s cause of death Explained

Thomasina Winslow singer cause of death

Thomasina Winslow, a top-level Acoustic Blues singer/ guitarist died on January 13, 2023. Let’s see, how did Thomasina Winslow die and her cause of death in detail.

How did Thomasina Winslow die?

Thomasina Winslow, an American blues musician from Albany, New York, and the daughter of folk singer Tom Winslow sadly passed away on Friday. 

She performs both domestically and abroad, taking the blues world with her. She was famous for her blues music.


SPXNY Photography posted a tribute, saying,

“With a very heavy heart, I have learned this morning that a very dear friend had passed away.

She was a very talented artist, she loved life had the drive to always wanna do for others, And believed in other artists and their talent.

I will miss you.

May the angels carry you gently.”

Thomasina Winslow cause of death:

American blues musician, Thomasina Winslow, also known as Sina Winslow, Thomasina, Tunes passed away. Although, Thomasina Winslow cause of death was not disclosed yet. Her friends, followers, and family members shared a tribute on social media posts. 

Nite Train band confirmed her passing by sharing a post on social media.

Thomasina Winslow first appeared on a tape when she was four years old, on her father Tom Winslow. 

She was from Albany, New York. She gave instructions to the song’s producer. So he requested that she perform. 

Since then, Thomasina has started down a musical career route. She performs, teaches, and even wrote a book about technique.

These are the performances that we hear in the Local 518 Session because Thomasina appeared on WMHT-TV’s-AHA. 

Who was Thomasina Winslow?

Thomasina Winslow was a singer, guitar player and band leader. She has been in four bands, including a pair with Nick Katzman. She has also taught students in that musical genre and had a big impact on other budding musicians. 

Winslow typically sings blues standards that have been covered, but she has also composed a number of original blues and gospel songs. 

She is also one of the few African American woman producers working in the contemporary “indie” music scene.

Although she has been instructing a full class of academic and private pupils for more than ten years, she gained the majority of her notoriety through touring with Katzman in the eastern United States and Europe beginning in 2006.

Winslow still performs occasional tours. She and Nick Katzman played together one more on May 6, 2011, at Katzman’s “favorite U.S. Venue,” The Good Coffeehouse Music Parlor (GCMP), located in Brooklyn, New York. 

Tributes to Thomasina Winslow:

Chris Wienk posted,

Sad news came to me yesterday. Thomasina Winslow has passed. She was not only an incredible singer, guitar player and band leader, she was one of the world’s best people. Her spirit and enthusiasm were infectious. Her creativity knew no bounds. We could all learn something from her, even if we didn’t know how to hold a guitar.
She was always on the go. Music was her life. And I am thankful she passed through my life.
Love and peace to all who knew her. And to her family (I’m also looking at you fellow Local 518’ers), thank you for sharing a beautiful and loving human with us all. Blessings to you.
And I’ll literally never forget this day I got to spend with her.

Ken Briggs posted,

Sad News From Carlton & Gary Winslow regarding their sister, Thomasina Winslow today (1/13/2023): ” It’s a sad day for humanity as a tremendous human being, teacher, musician and friend to all has passed. Thomasina was and still is a force to all she has met, talked to and otherwise influenced during her time on this earth. Everyone will miss her physically, but she will always be present cosmically and in spirit. Love you Thomasina!

Marcus Benoit posted,

Breaks my heart. Nite Train and my wife Noelle and I lost a sister and fellow gig comrade in arms.
Thomasina always brought a calm and creative vibe to every gig.
Her singing, guitar work, and songwriting were a testament to her dedication.
I believe she is in Heaven with her father (Thomas Winslow RIP) and mother now.
Thanks for coming into our lives Thomasina, wish we had a little more time!
We love and will miss you!


Playin With Fire Band is sending our sincere condolences to Nite Train and Thomasina Winslow’s family and friends. She was my friend and I absolutely adored her. My guitar Sensei…we’d talk forever about music, karate, family, life and everything in between. She was such an incredible inspiration to me and was one of my biggest fans and I hers!!! We supported each other and I was incredibly grateful for her friendship. In my last email to her I told her just that. She will be SO missed and this news of her untimely passing is hard to comprehend. PWFB fans, please keep Thomasina and her loved ones in your prayers.

Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Awards & Capital Records Live posted,

We’re sad to learn Thomasina Winslow passed away this week. Thomasina quietly offered guidance and support behind the scenes to the Eddies Music Awards and for that, we’re so grateful. This photo is from an April 2022 Eddies Music Awards performance by Nite Train with Thomasina Winslow on the Proctors Mainstage. Thomasina will forever be remembered as a blues guitarist, vocalist and music educator legend in the 518 and beyond. R.I.P.


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