The situation in Kherson right now: what is happening in the city

The situation in Kherson right now: what is happening in the city

The situation in Kherson: Kherson and the region became one of the hottest spots after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine on February 24. For many days now, the confrontation between our military and the Ukrainian people has been going on.

Read more about the situation in Russia at the moment in the text online Medico topics.

About what is happening now in Kherson and the region – in the text online Medico topics.

13:00 It became known that shells of Russian occupiers hit residential buildings in Kherson.

12:46 The head of the civil protection department of Kherson, Alexander Leshchenko, reports that the terrorist defense does not go to houses and apartments. People of Kherson, don’t open the door for anyone!

12:16 The City Council warned of provocations:

“There is no evacuation in the city! This is a provocation! Do not get into unfamiliar cars, do not go out into the street!”

And also urged not to use the elevators temporarily!

11:48 Residents of Kherson report salvo attacks on KhBK and Taurida.

10:50 an air alert has been declared in the region!

10:30 Chairman of the Regional State Administration Gennady Laguta warned that in Kherson, the invaders who enter the territory of the city are capturing local residents. They will probably be used as a human shield to move forward.

Military equipment was seen near the bus station:

10:00 The evacuation of the residents of Vesely and Cossack continues. The gathering at 11:40 is on March 1 at the building of the village council (Kozatskoe) and the house of culture (Veseloe).

9:15 Kherson remains under the control of Ukraine after a night attempt by Russian troops to storm. The city did not come under fire, Kherson Mayor Igor Kolykhaev said.

09:00 Residents of Chernobaevka posted photos and videos of destroyed houses on the social network after the night from February 28 to March 1.

The situation in Kherson right now: what is happening in the city

08:30 According to Gennady Laguta, the chairman of the Kherson Regional State Administration, in Kherson, in particular, in the Shumen micro-district, a lot of racists appeared in the morning. They walk the streets until they touch anyone.

Shots are heard in the area of ​​​​the epicenter at KhBK and near the thermal power plant!

“I ask everyone to stay at home and not be in danger. Do not provoke the enemy, because it is very dangerous. Do not approach, do not communicate with them. See – go the other way!” – wrote the official.



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