Telstra Mobile National Outage: Why is it down? When will the network be restored? Explained

Large-scale nationwide outages impacting Telstra subscribers are affecting those in Australia’s largest cities. (Facebook)

Many of Telstra’s customers are complaining that their mobile data isn’t working due to a significant outage. Let’s see about the Telstra Mobile Outage issue in detail.


Telstra Mobile National Outage:

A significant outage that has affected individuals throughout Australia has prevented Telstra subscribers from using their mobile data or the internet.

Customer’s ability to make calls was unaffected by the outage, but they were unable to use their internet or mobile data to surf the web.

Over 850 users reported problems to outage tracker at its height, which occurred at 1 pm. Customers who posted on stated that 54% of them had internet problems, 26% had phone troubles, and 21% had no network or coverage.

One person said on Twitter,

“@Telstra when will we have a stable service? I have a terminally ill person in my care and no mobile or home internet and phone.”

Another Twitter User Said: ‘It Seems Like @Telstra Are Having Some Sort Of Mobile Data Outage In Rose Bay (In Sydney‘s East) At The Moment So I’ve Resorted To Connecting To The Free Wi-Fi From One Of Their Remaining Telephone Boxes.’

Another user wrote: ‘I’m Inside Melbourne Central Shopping Mall. Why Is The Data Speed So Damn Slow?’ ‘I Haven’t Had Access For Weeks … Just Inane, Useless Messages Like “Your Internet Connection Has Dropped Out.”

Uncertainty surrounds the origin of the most recent outage, which appears to be affecting citizens in at least four states.


When will the network be restored?

Telstra has apologized for a “brief” disruption that earlier today stopped some of its mobile customers from using their devices to access the internet.

A spokeswoman for Telstra told NCA NewsWire that the problem has been fixed and that it very briefly inconvenienced users.

The spokesperson said,

“We had a brief network issue this afternoon that stopped some of our mobile customers from accessing the internet for a few minutes. Calls and SMS weren‘t affected at any stage,” 

“We’re sorry for the hassle and we’re keeping a close eye on things to ensure everyone can keep browsing.”

Some others have, however, claimed to have had problems with their internet into Wednesday afternoon. According to a Telstra spokeswoman, some people may be experiencing isolated problems unconnected to the widespread outage.

Customers in Toowoomba, Southeast Queensland, Sydney’s East, Perth, and Northern South Australia complained about connectivity problems.


Pervious Telstra Mobile National Outage Issue:

After a nationwide network outage on February 9, Telstra has now resumed providing mobile phone and internet services. The telecom said that one of its important mobile nodes went down, which is what triggered the outage, in a statement.

After receiving multiple customer complaints on social media at that time, the telecom declared it was aware of the problem and trying to fix it as soon as possible.



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