Sully Simmons aka SullyI’mMe Simmons shot dead: 33 year-old mother died tragically in the Mid-City shooting

Sully Simmons died
Sully Simmons, 33-year-old mother died


Sully Simmons, 33, was killed in her automobile at the junction of Orleans Avenue and North Broad Street on Tuesday, according to Lonnie Simmons. Let’s see what happened to Sully Simmons in detail.

Mid-city shooting explained:

Sully Simmons aka SullyI’mMe Simmons was shot to death at a corner gas station in the mid-city shooting on Tuesday. 

Sr. Sully had just left a petrol station when the attack happened at about 1 p.m. Sully’s 1-year-old grandson was in the car at the time of the shooting, according to Lonnie Simmons Sr., who did not offer any further information.

Law enforcement authorities responded to reports of gunfire in the 2700 block of Orleans Avenue, and when they arrived they found a woman inside a car with several gunshot wounds.

The woman was immediately taken by New Orleans Emergency Medical Services to a hospital, but she eventually passed away. A two-year-old boy was also found in the car’s backseat uninjured and unharmed. 

This happened on the birthday of her murdered sister, Coty Simmons, who was gunned down while pregnant 14 years ago in 2008, a heartbreaking coincidence. 

What happened to Sully Simmons?

Sully, a 33-Year-old mother was killed in the tragic shooting incident on April 25, 2023 on Tuesday.

She was a fabulous young woman, a wonderful mother to her child and she had her whole life in front of her.”, her father remarked. Sully Simmons had her entire life ahead of her and a son to raise, he added.

At N Broad and Orleans Avenue, the shooter allegedly made a U-turn before firing at Sully’s car, which was parked in front of this blue house, according to a witness.

At least six bullets struck the car, leaving four in the front door on the driver’s side and one in the window. A male witness remarked that such concerns are not worth someone’s life and that it was senseless for the child to lose a mother in such a way, probably for something trivial. 

Several witnesses who wished to remain anonymous and were present at the scene said they saw the people in a white Nissan Altima start fire on the victim as she was exiting the petrol station at Orleans and North Broad.

Following the event, witnesses recorded video that shows the woman who was shot slumped over in the driver’s seat of a silver sedan with a young child sobbing in the back seat behind her while wearing orange high-top sneakers. “Get the infant out of there”, a male voice can be heard saying in the recording. “The lady was shot in her car, and the baby is still inside.”, he said.

Who was Sully Simmons?

Simmons, a native of the Seventh Ward, went to L.E. Rabouin Memorial School, FW Gregory Jr. High School, and Stuart R. Bradley Elementary School.

The young woman there had no trouble making friends and she was devoted to her family. According to Cosse, who met Simmons while they were both in sixth grade, she was well-known for her soprano voice and capacity to sing any song that was played on the radio.

Simmons performed before the audience at Beacon Light Church for their ninth grade graduation while wearing a white silk dress.

Cosse described the occasion as bittersweet for the students as they prepared to go on to the next stage of their lives.

“She was a leader and was vibrant. She was just Sully,” Cosse said. “Sully never made an enemy, so this is a shock.”

Cosse said Sully and her sister Coty — born one year apart — were two peas in a pod. “When you saw Coty, you saw Sully,” Cosse said.

Coty, 20, was shot in the head on December 15, 2008, one year after Sully received his diploma, as she dozed off in her car in the 4700 block of Galahad Drive. Twelve days later, she and her 19-week-old foetus passed away. “When we learned about her sister, it was heartbreaking,” Cosse recalled.

Police investigation:

Police is still investigating about this incident. There is currently no additional information on the incident, including possible suspects or a motive for the act.

Calling Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111 is encouraged if you have any information on the shooting. Informants can be eligible for an award of money. 

Tributes to Sully Simmons:

Rico Dinero posted,

I’m in disbelief right now! Lost for words! Get yo rest baby girl!

China Black posted,

SullyI’mMe Simmons I can’t wrap my head around this Last time I seen you we laughed, talked and cried about Coty death now here I am saying goodbye to you on Coty birthday They took you away on your deceased sister birthday and in front of your baby boy that ain’t fair. My heart aches I know you and Coty are back to together but baby Kody needed you Lord pray for the Simmons family SIP SULLY AND HAPPY HEAVENLY BIRTHDAY COTY. This Ain’t Right Tell Me This A Bad Dream.

Reyan Eaglin posted,

But, you just posted on Facebook 2 hours ago!!!!!!! My Good Singing Sis.. SullyI’mMe Simmons I can’t stomach this!! Y’all shot her 10 times FOR WHAT?!!!!
I refuse to say RIP Sully… I know Cody welcomed you with open arms on her Birthday L E Rabouin Falcons.

Montreal Marie Teresa posted,

RIP Sully Simmons Murdered today
Always hits differently when you put a name and face to a situation.
Former Student
Praying for New Orleans

Byron Woods commented,

Her death has really touched a lot of people. She was apparently someone very special to a lot of people.


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