Teddy Gentry of country group Alabama arrested: What happened? Revealed


Teddy Gentry of country group Alabama arrested: What happened? Revealed

Teddy Gentry, Alabama’s bassist, was detained for marijuana possession. Let’s see why Teddy Gentry was arrested and What happened to him in detail

Why Teddy Gentry was arrested?

Teddy Gentry, a founding member of and bass player for the country music supergroup Alabama, was arrested Monday on a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge, records show.

Gentry, 70, of Fort Payne was booked into the Cherokee County Jail in northeast Alabama and released about a half-hour later, records showed.

He also was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Court records weren’t immediately available, but Sheriff Jeff Shaver told al.com the arrest was made during a traffic stop.

Don Murry Grubbs, a spokesman for the band, said he was aware of the incident but Gentry had no immediate comment.

The band was founded more than 50 years ago by Gentry, along with cousins Randy Owen and Jeff Cook, and they went on to sell more than 70 million albums, releasing dozens of hits like “Dixieland Delight,” “My Home’s in Alabama,” and “Tennessee River.” The group was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2005.

The band announced its retirement from touring in 2007 and organized a farewell tour, however, it has subsequently resumed its live performances. In 2019, it organized a 50th-anniversary tour.

Additional details have not yet been released.

Teddy Gentry: who was he?

On January 22, 1952, Teddy Wayne Gentry was born in Fort Payne, Alabama. Teddy and his mother relocated to the adjacent Lookout Mountain at a young age so that Teddy could live with his Paw Paw. On a 60-acre cotton farm, Paw Paw resided in a house with a wooden frame.

The early life of Teddy

Early in his musical career, Teddy worked numerous jobs after graduating from high school to pay the rent. Teddy says he worked at just about everything, including running a theatre, laying carpet, bagging groceries, and tending a farm. Teddy enjoys spending time with his family and running his Bent Tree Farms while he’s not playing with Alabama. He asked his wife Linda what he should do with the $61,000 he had just received from RCA Records in 1980. “Why don’t you buy your grandfather’s farm—where you were raised, because I know you adore the old place,” she said in response to the question “What means the most to you?”

That’s exactly what he did, then. For $1,000 per acre, his grandfather agreed to sell the 60-acre cotton farm where he had lived since the late 1920s and would soon be known as Bent Tree Farms.

Teddy’s grandfather wanted Teddy to take over the farm in 1980 because he was no longer able to work the property. Teddy bought an adjacent farm that had belonged to his great-grandfather Owen in 1981 as his interest in the cattle industry had continued to expand. The farm’s overall size increased to about 140 acres with the acquisition of the new 60-acre farm.

What is the origin of the name Bent Tree Farms? Josh was in the second or third grade, according to Teddy. When we were reviewing rhymes one evening, I blurted out our last name, Gentry, without warning. Bent Tree, he retaliated. The next day, I mentioned my son’s use of the phrase Bent Tree to one of the boys helping out on the farm. You know what a bent tree is, he replied. I responded, “No.”

He remarked, “In Oklahoma, where I formerly resided, there were Bent Trees that the Indians would bend over while the trees were tiny and tie them to the ground, to signal the direction the tribe was at the time migrating.” “I spoke with a woman at the Alabama Historical Society, and she informed me that our farm’s location near Lookout Mountain and Little River Canyon had several crooked trees. We decided to rename the property to Bent Tree Farms after learning this information.

Teddy’s Career

Teddy is a musician that composes by ear and has written thousands of tunes. Numerous Alabama hits, including “How Do I Fall In Love,” “Why Lady Why,” “My Home’s In Alabama,” “Fallin’ Again,” “Give Me One More Shot,” and “Sad Lookin’ Moon,” to mention a few, were co-written by him.

Additionally, he founded and currently leads Creative Cafe. Along with his partners from Alabama, Teddy was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in November 2005. “Being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame is the crowning achievement of Alabama’s career,” Teddy said during his acceptance speech. Being among my heroes’ elite ranks moves and honors me.

The evening the ACMA honored Alabama with “The Entertainer Of The Year Award,” which was a dream come true for him and the band, was one of Teddy’s fondest career experiences. When asked if he had any words for the fans, Teddy replied, “I would like to extend many thanks for your support over the years and I hope that we can always put out a piece of product that will make the fans proud of us. ” Teddy enjoys reading fan mail, especially “from the young fans,” and wants all their fans to “Turn other people on to our music.”

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