Superstar Syracuse karaoke contest winner, Sam Dancil, passes away from cancer


 Superstar Syracuse karaoke contest winner, Sam Dancil, passes away from cancer

We are devastated to announce that Sam Dancil, Superstar Syracuse karaoke contest winner passed away after a long battle with cancer. Sam was admired by his loved ones for his bravery and strength. He will always be regarded as a man who loved the Lord, had the biggest heart, was a giver to many, had a victorious spirit full of love, inspiration, and positivity, and was a man who never gave up. Keep reading to know more about him and his cancer story.

What happened to Sam Dancil?

Sam Dancil’s death was revealed to have been caused by cancer complications, according to the online tributes. Sam’s friend Bill Ali sent him a heartfelt tribute after his passing.

Just heard of the passing of my friend Sam Dancil. Sam and I met over 20 years ago at Kahunaville at the then-Carousel Mall during their Thursday night karaoke contest. This man could SING!!! I had the pleasure of being the only one that could beat him and he made sure everyone he introduced me to knew that. It was a running joke for many years! My thoughts go out to the family. Sing with the angels my friend. RIP 

The following message was posted by Sam’s daughter about his beloved father’s health one day ago:

Asking all of my friends, family posts, and everything in between to send all of the positive vibes, energy, prayers, or whatever else you believe to my Dad, Sam Dancil. It has been a rough few weeks here in the ICU, but even when the odds are stacked against us, Team Dancil fights! Thank you in advance for your kindness and support.

sam Dancil

Sam Dancil Health update(credit:Facebook)

Sam Diagnosed with Rare Cancer


In May, my uncle has suddenly diagnosed with Stage 4 (non-smoker) ROS1 Lung Cancer. This cancer is rare and it affects less than .0007% of the population. He has to take medication daily for the rest of his life or until they stop working and it is astronomically expensive (even after insurance as outlined below).

His treatment has reached a dangerous point where we are needing to find a specialist that is experienced with his rare form of cancer, and there are none locally.

My uncle Sammy is one the kindest, most giving, and most loving people that I know. As someone who has helped countless individuals, started his own nonprofit to serve youth and youth-based organizations, a man of the strong Christian faith, and an amazing and dependable father, son, and uncle – he is the last person deserving of this.

Non-Smoker Lung Cancer Fight


On May 4th, 2022, Sam was unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage 4 of an aggressive form of Lung Cancer caused by a sudden EXTREMELY RARE gene mutation of the ROS1 gene. So Rare that it affects less than .0007% of the general population (Less than 7 out of 1 million people).

This happened precisely two months after Sam managed his Mom’s Stage 3 Colon Cancer Care. I will also point out, as I feel it is important to note, that Sam has never smoked a day in his life.

Treatment is every day for the rest of his life or as long as they are effective, and cost $15,000 to $19,000 for one month’s supply. Any donation is helpful and appreciated as Sam is a fighter and will do all he can to win against this prognosis. Please share this fundraiser and Show Some Love To Sam.

Read some Heartfelt tributes below:

Vicki Roper posted,

REST in Peace Samuel Dancil………You we’re Courageous and Strong! You will always be remembered as a Man who loves the Lord, who had the Biggest Heart, a Giver to many, a Victorious spirit full of Positivity, Loving, and inspiring, and a Man who always got back up! I will always remember our awesome moments with our kids and our journey together with them! I would take back these 32 years for nothing. You have done so much for me and others. You were a Great Man to many! I Love you SAM see you in Heaven.

Asheena Jennings Posted,

He fought a good fight we love you send prayers for his kids my grandma dad auntie and uncle and the rest of the family he’s in a beautiful place now with no more pain R.I.p uncle Sam Dancil 

Singers Karaoke Club posted,

One of our regular Singers supporters, Sam Dancil, passed away from cancer this morning. Sam was the winner of our Superstar Syracuse karaoke contest years ago and even came back to judge that very contest for us this past year. He absolutely LOVED to sing and had an amazing voice. He will be missed. Rest in peace, Sam.

Joseph Driscoll posted,

Heartbroken to hear of the passing of my brother Sam Dancil. Never a smoker, he developed a rare form of lung cancer. Your positivity and faith in God through your struggles were an inspiration. Sending my love and prayers to all his family and to all those who loved him. Rest in power, my friend 


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