How did Kenneth “Doc” Milliken die? South Bend Police officer cause of death Explained


 How did Kenneth “Doc” Milliken die? South Bend Police officer cause of death Explained

Former South Bend police officer Kenneth “Doc” Milliken passed away. To learn more about his passing and Milliken’s cause of death, keep reading this post.

Kenneth “Doc” Milliken passed away

South Bend Police Department Mourns the loss of Retired Police Officer Kenneth “Doc” Milliken who passed away unexpectedly the statement reads the following,

It is with heavy hearts and great sadness that we announce the passing of Retired South Bend Police Officer Kenneth “Doc” Milliken. Doc passed away early this morning, just one day shy of the third anniversary of his retirement from the South Bend Police Department.

Doc served 51 years as a patrol officer with SBPD, earning the title of our longest-tenured street cop AND “The Mayor of River Park.” Last Friday, officers from South Bend and other area agencies, both active and retired, came together to grant one of Doc’s last wishes: to see and hear police cars one last time.

Nearly 60 vehicles drove past his home as a final salute. The South Bend Police Department extends our deepest condolences to Doc’s family at this difficult time. Thank you, Doc, for everything you did to make our city a better place.

Cause of death

South Bend Police Department’s statement

Doc was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness... and reached out to SBPD with a fitting request: to see the lights and hear the sirens of the police cars that were the soundtrack of his life for so many years.

We appreciate your service, Doc. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, Cheryl Milliken. One online obituary claims that Milliken passed away following a brief battle and the statement is as follows:

So I woke today to find out a cousin of mine on my dad’s side has passed today after a short battle…he is now at peace. Kenneth Doc Milliken Tomorrow he would have been retired for 3 years from the SBPD. His passion and dedication to be a police officer were fulfilled after 51 long years of service.

My heart goes out to the family…his wife and kids and grandchildren were his life. Doc was a serious yet funny individual. I remember running into him at ZB’s corn and sausage roast once…telling us it wasn’t a good thing to pee in the woods. Lol “But cuzn’ the women’s bathroom line is way too long!” He chuckles and turns away so we could have privacy. May God Bless your soul Doc… hug my daddy for me. Sincere condolences to the family.

Who was Kenneth “Doc” Milliken?

In November 1968, Kenneth “Doc” Milliken enlisted with the South Bend Police Department and never left. During a difficult period in South Bend’s history, Milliken joined the police force.

After serving as a patrol officer for the South Bend Police Department for more than 51 years, Officer Milliken resigned on Tuesday (SBPD).

He was both “The Mayor of River Park” and the department’s longest-serving “street cop,” spending most of his career on patrol in the River Park neighborhood.

The relationships he formed across South Bend, along with his sense of humor, kept him motivated. Meeting individuals and observing their attitudes are important to him since he has heard that he has a certain attitude and wants to learn more about other people’s attitudes.

Also, he allows space for the upcoming generation to join the force. Milliken claims that after he retires and surrenders his badge permanently, he will spend a lot more time hunting and fishing.


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