Shyanne Lee Tattnell Missing: What happened to the Tasmanian girl? What we know?


 Shyanne Lee Tattnell Missing: What happened to the Tasmanian girl? What we know?

The 14-year-old was last seen in Launceston on April 30. (Source: Facebook)

Tasmania Police are asking for the public’s assistance in finding Shyanne-Lee Tatnell because she hasn’t been seen since Sunday, April 30. Let’s explore the whereabouts of Shyanne Lee Tattnell in detail.

Shyanne Lee Tattnell Missing Case: Explained

Shyanne-Lee Tatnell, a missing Tasmanian teen who has been missing for ten days, is the subject of a community search. The 14-year-old was last seen on April 30 in a location close to Henry Street in Launceston, close to the North Esk River.

Community people are now actively participating in the police search, which has thus far focused largely on the river. Community members have previously been unable to help for operational reasons.

A Facebook group named “Bringing Shyanne-Lee Home” has amassed more than 2,200 members. The group’s administrators have been in touch with authorities to see if they can be of any help.

The police queue searches, which started on Thursday morning from Henry Street, were limited to 20 volunteers.  The bridge over the North Esk River, where Shyanne-Lee was last seen, was being crossed by searchers wearing high-vis “search crew” jackets.

_Shyanne Lee Tattnell Missing

Shyanne-Lee Tatnell was last spotted close to the North Esk River bridge (source: ABC NEWS)

At the time of Miss Tatnell’s disappearance, according to police, she was en route to visit a friend, but she never showed up. Since then, the teen hasn’t communicated with friends or relatives or utilized social media.

Although they are looking into every possibility, authorities earlier this week stated that they do not suspect any wrongdoing.

Specialist police officers from Search and Rescue will be part of the search, according to Inspector Craig Fox. Police divers from the dive squad, who had previously been called in, were on the site and searching the waters beneath the bridge.

For the search, a rescue helicopter is also available. Over the past two weeks, the chopper has been circling Launceston to find Shyanne-Lee.

Inspector Fox stated,

“We are concerned for Shyanne-Lee’s welfare and urge anyone with information that may help us find Shyanne-Lee or ascertain her whereabouts to contact police.”

Inspector Fox about the CCTV Images

The police have released new CCTV images of vehicles spotted in the area around the time of Shyanne-Lee’s abduction in their most recent effort to elicit information from the public.

On April 30 between the hours of 8 p.m. and 9 p.m., anyone who was driving on Henry Street near the North Esk River should contact the police, according to Inspector Fox.

Whether they believe they saw something or not, these drivers “could be potential witnesses of Shyanne-Lee’s last known movements,” Inspector Fox stated.

“We have CCTV images of some vehicles in the area at the time, and while the image quality isn’t great we’re hoping it may prompt drivers’ memories.” “One small piece of information could be all we need to locate her.”

Some info about Shyanne Lee Tattnell

Shyanne-Lee has blonde hair, a thin body, and a height of 160 centimeters. A cream hooded sweatshirt with black writing on the front and shoulder was what she was last spotted wearing.

Additionally, she wore biking shorts. Her grandma Michelle Hubbard characterized her granddaughter as trusting, kind, and “not very street savvy” last week.

Before she vanished, Shyanne-Lee was residing in a youth hostel in Launceston. Her disappearance was reported to authorities by hotel staff.

Shyanne-Lee’s grandmother has pleaded for her safe return, saying “Please, please Shyanne, please make contact with someone so we know you’re safe.” Tasmania police are asking anyone with information to contact them on 131 444.


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