How did Shawn Paul Bertrand aka Shawn Wolfe die? Gay adult film star cause of death Revealed


How did Shawn Paul Bertrand aka Shawn Wolfe die? Gay adult film star cause of death Revealed

Shawn Paul Bertrand Jr., a gay adult film star also known as Shawn Wolfe, died at age 35. Learn more about what happened to him and Shawn Paul Bertrand cause of death in detail.

What happened to Shawn Wolfe?

Somebody by the name of Valerie Wellner claimed to be his mother in a public post on his Facebook wall. “Thank you for all of your wonderful words,” she added. In addition to now being a light in Heaven, Shawn was a light in this world. Along with them are all of his departed friends and family members. We don’t know who or where he was with [when he died], but he was at someone’s house.
This message is not one of blame.

According to Wellner, Wolfe had also been residing at the Bailey-Boushay House, a medical institution for those with chronic illnesses in Seattle, Washington. Why Wolfe might have stayed there is unknown.

What possessions were there have been retrieved, Wellner stated. “However, we are unsure of the location of his clothing and other personal belongings. All we want is to return any information to his family if anyone has it.

On Christmas Eve, Wolfe posted a photo of himself on Instagram grinning in front of a decorated tree. The dynamic performer made his stage debut in 2009 as Drew in a solo scene for the Sean Cody label. He is blonde, bearded, muscular, and attractive. He later went on to star in a number of sequences for the adult studios Raging Stallion, Hot House, and Falcon during his cinematic career. He received “Man of the Year” recognition from Raging Stallion in 2013.



Shawn Paul Bertrand cause of death

Shawn Paul Bertrand Jr., a.k.a. Shawn Wolfe, a gay adult entertainer, reportedly passed away on December 27, 2022, from a drug overdose. He was 35 at the time.

One statement that reveals Shawn Wolfe’s death

December 27, 2022, we received the phone call that No Parent should ever have to receive. We are completely devastated at the overwhelming loss in our lives, in our families, and in our world. There are no words, just broken hearts and endless tears of sadness and grief. A beautiful, kind soul who was our Son and a brother, uncle, nephew cousin, and Grandson. He was an accomplished swimmer, and a lover of photography, animals, and everything in Nature. There is so much to say and it’s too emotionally brutal to describe adequately today. We will love you forever my Son, and will never get over missing you We love you Shawn Paul Bertrand Jr. His Father, Shawn Sr., his wife Betty, his siblings, his Aunties, Uncles, cousins Papa, stepdad Eric Royster, and his family You are a brilliant light in Heaven.


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Condolences to Shawn Paul Bertrand

Bertrand’s friends and colleagues conveyed their condolences and shared memories on social media.   

Robert Wesley wrote, “I am so sorry for your family and friends who have lost such a sweet and funny soul. You were willing to laugh at the drop of a hat and I will always remember your kindness and passion. Rest well, sweet Shawn.”

Van Tay shared, “So many memories from swimming with the Boys and Girls Club, Tacoma swim club, and Wilson swim team! Will miss ya, man! Rest easy” 

Adrian James Le said, “Heartbroken for us. Overjoyed (and slightly jealous) that your spirit has been set free, that you are now boundless, limitless, and infinite. I feel sad that you’ve left the physical, but blessed to have connected with you in the spirit while you were here. I’ll see you someday in the future, past, and present. Rest in paradise, my friend. Until we meet again” 

Fellow gay adult performer David Benjamin tweeted, “He was a dear soul, his death is just tragic. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. May he rest in peace.”

Robert D. MacIntosh wrote,

My friend, Shawn Paul Bertrand Jr. aka Shawn Wolfe, passed away yesterday in his sleep. The exact cause is yet unknown. He was a dynamic individual. I was camping a couple of times up North at the gay beach by the railroad tracks and ran into him. He was so much fun to hang with. He had a spiritual side, a precocious side, a logical side, and a bitchy side, roll those all into 1, and you make Shawn. I loved him in a way you love a good friend. He was sexy and full of life. Everyone he knew will be devastated that he was gone.

Jennifer Mikaloff said,

Another one lost to addiction…. I feel so grateful for almost 15 years of sobriety yet so saddened that this sweet spirit never got to experience it Shawn, may you be happy, healthy, safe, and at ease “The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety. It’s a connection. It’s all I can offer. It’s all that will help him in the end. If you are alone, you cannot escape addiction. If you are loved, you have a chance. For a hundred years, we have been singing war songs about addicts. All along, we should have been singing love songs to them” ~Johann Hari



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