Samuel Brown and Madison Shaque, high school students died tragically in a car accident

Samuel Brown and Madison Shaque, two high school students, sadly died after being involved in a car accident. The incident reportedly took place in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on Friday, April 14, 2023. Let’s see How did Samuel Brown and Madison Shaque die and about the car accident in detail.


How did Samuel Brown and Madison Shaque die?

Last night in Tuscaloosa, two high school students, Madison and Samuel, died in an automobile accident. These two teenagers went to the same prom at Paul W. Bryant High School.

Madison Sims and Samuel Brown were the accident victims, according to a family member of one of the teenagers. The teenagers were also named in a Facebook post by the Perry County school district.

Perry County school district posted on social media,

“We extend our most sincere condolences to the Brown and Sims family,” 

“No further details are available, and we ask the community to please respect the privacy of the families during this difficult time.

Grief counselors will be on campus next week to provide emotional support to students and staff members. We ask that you please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers as we navigate the days ahead together.

The Tuscaloosa City Schools System also released a statement,

“A Paul W. Bryant High School student died early this morning in a car accident in Tuscaloosa.

The Tuscaloosa City Schools will not confirm or release the student’s name because it has not been released by the Tuscaloosa Police Department.

However, we all are deeply saddened and our thoughts are with the student’s family and friends. This is a difficult time for our students, faculty and staff. On Monday, students will have access to counselors and social workers to help cope with this tragedy.

We will continue to have counselors available to help our students in the coming days. Teachers and staff will have access to our Employee Assistance Program. We send our deepest sympathies to the families involved and ask that their privacy is respected during this difficult time.”

According to a Facebook post made on the official Slayed Proms page:

“We are saddened by the news we received this morning. 😢 We have lost 2 young students. REST IN PEACE to Madison Shaque & Samuel Brown who passed in a car accident last night in Tuscaloosa, Al leaving prom. They looked so great for prom & this hurts our hearts.

Sending thoughts and prayers to both families and friends. Please send your prayers & condolences. May God please keep everyone safe this prom season.”


Car accident:

According to the Tuscaloosa Police Department, a two-vehicle collision early on Saturday morning at the crossroads of Skyland Boulevard East and Interstate 20/59 resulted in the deaths of two local youths and the injuries of two more.

According to TPD spokesperson Stephanie Taylor, police were called at 1:50 in the morning about a collision involving a 2022 Tesla and a lorry that pinned the vehicle beneath the trailer and trapped the four passengers inside.

Even though the victims’ names were not released by the authorities, several social media posts from the victims’ friends and relatives indicated that the accident occurred the morning after prom at Bryant High School.

The post identified the driver as Bryant High School student Madison Sims, 17, and the front-seat passenger as Uniontown resident Samuel Brown, 18. At the scene, both were declared dead.

According to Brown’s Facebook profile, he played basketball and football when a senior at R.C. Hatch High School. He released his senior pictures in January and shared his enthusiasm for graduation.

Another 17-year-old female from Marion was transferred to DCH Regional Medical Centre with minor injuries and is claimed to be in excellent condition as of Saturday morning, according to Taylor, who added that an 18-year-old female from Montgomery was also sent to UAB Hospital in Birmingham with life-threatening injuries.

Investigations continue on what caused the collision.



Bre Jones wrote: “God during this prom season, please keep these babies, these parents, these friends, loved ones, etc. In prayers and trust within you. I pray to God another family doesn’t have to go through what the family of these two had to experience on their prom night 😢 Love your kids more than life & appreciate every single moment.🕊️ :”

Tyrus wrote: “This Hurt my heart as these two beautiful young students were killed last night in a car accident leaving prom 😢Yesterday evening in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Please keep Madison Shaque and Samuel Brown Families in your thoughts and prayers.”

One of the worst things anyone can go through in life is losing a loved one. Any journey must have a destination at the end. The person’s time on earth has regrettably come to an end now that they have died.

We wish them eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to their loved ones, family, friends.

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