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Ukraine Russia news: Russian troops captured Zmiinyi


Russian troops captured Zmiinyi

Russian troops captured Zmiinyi: Snake Island was captured by the Russian aggressor, according to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

“After the Snake’s shelling of the occupiers’ naval weapons and combat aircraft, the infrastructure on the island was destroyed… Communication with border guards on the island and soldiers of the Armed Forces has been lost, on Facebook on Thursday night.


State Border Guard Service of Ukraine via Facebook

❗️The situation regarding the Russian invasion
🔴After the shelling of the Zmíí ногоny of ship weapons and combat aviation of the occupiers, infrastructure on the island was destroyed.
🔴In addition, the connection with the prikordonnikami who are on the island with the soldiers of the zsu, is lost.
🔴For available information, the island of Snake is captured.
🔴Remember, the enemy today repeatedly tried in vain to intimidate Ukrainian defenders on the island with demands to surrender. 🔴 The border guards and zsu bravely held the defense.
🔴It is noted that the State Border Service continues to act actively with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard to stop the enemy who secretly attacked our country.
Victory will be ours!
Situation about Russian invasion
Infrastructure of Zmiinyi Island was destroyed after shelling by the ship artillery.
Besides, connection lost with border guards and warriors of the Ukrainian armed forces.
According to last information Zmiinyi Island was captured by the enemy.
During the day enemy tried to scare Ukrainian defenders of the island with the requirements to surround.
It should be noted, the SBGSU together with the Ukrainian armed forces and the National Guard of Ukraine continues to fight actively against enemy.
Victory will be ours!

The State Border Guard Service reminded that the enemy had repeatedly tried to intimidate Ukrainian defenders on the island and demanded surrender, but border guards and the Armed Forces bravely defended.

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Yevgenia Zavaliy

Thanks to the defenders of Zmiiny❤️may all be well with them!

Taisiya Klochko

Shaw with our guys ??????

Diana Di

Didn’t Mr. Muraev contribute to that ???🤨

Viktor Oleinik

Why do we have ??? Katma of the Neptunes and more. The question is too late, but … But everyone who can think with their brains understands to whom.

Lilia Horshkovska

Anyway, they are heroes forever. Just to know what happened to them

Illya Machekhin

And at least a couple of divisions of Neptune and Moscow would dig up the waterline😞

Taras Igorovich Kostetsky

Objectively, Zmiiny had little chance to survive. It is still an island. And good guys, heroes! God bless them all!😔

Max Kirilyuk

why did they surrender the island? Neptune to cook then Odessa will be extinguished from the sea Tavria has already captured the same and is their main goal !!

Pavlo Berest

And where are our Neptunes? Why don’t they hit the ship?


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