George Jones bass player Ron Gaddis passed away

George Jones bassist Ron Gaddis passed away. (Source: Facebook)
George Jones bassist Ron Gaddis died. (Source: Facebook)


On August 25, 2023, the news of the demise of famous George Jones bassist Ron Gaddis shocked the music industry. Ron Gaddis’s passing has left fans and fellow musicians lamenting the loss of a true artist who had an enduring impression on the music industry with his extraordinary talents and contributions to countless legendary songs. Keep reading to know more about Ron Gaddis and his cause of death in detail.

Who was Ron Gaddis?

Ron Gaddis was the former bass player in George Jones’ band. Anyone who has ever heard George Jones perform live has undoubtedly already been blown away by Ron Gaddis’ incredible voice. Gaddis has been Jones’ frontman on the road for almost 20 years, playing bass, directing the Jones Boys through their fantastic opening shows, and singing harmony and duets with his illustrious boss.

Gaddis would have long since graduated to a successful solo career in country music’s earlier era. That probably won’t happen anytime soon given the status of modern country radio, but he’s still made his mark with Chip Off The Old Block.

Ron Gaddis, who served as George Jone’s right hand man for over 25 years, was let go from the Jones Boys band. His frequent ‘no showing’ at performances were the cause. Finally, ‘No Show’ Jones and his wife Nancy could no longer stand it.

The Jones aggressively advised Ron to seek treatment for his drug and alcohol addictions, but they did not split ways amicably. Gaddis attempted to start a solo career. Due to the website’s online store being disabled, the two-song CD he released is no longer available.

Cause of death

Bassist for George Jones, Ron Gaddis, passed away. Georgette Jones, George Jones’ daughter, disclosed and verified the terrible news on Facebook.

She wrote,

We have been told this morning by friends that Ron Gaddis has passed away. Ron was Dad’s bass player and background vocalist for many years and a huge and important part of the Jones Boys. He was one of a kind and very talented. He loved my Dad and no one could sing with him like Ron did. My heart goes out to his family and friends. He will be missed and remembered always. We’re praying for all of you who loved and knew Ron. And may he rest in peace. 🙏

No official statement was made on the cause of death of the late Ron Gaddis at the time this news was announced. We’ll shortly offer more details on all of these things.

Other family members and friends also posted condolences on his untimely passing on Facebook. He was a man who everyone admired and who always greeted them with a bright smile.


Netizens began sharing their condolences on various social media platforms after hearing the tragic news of Ron Gaddis’ passing.

Troy Farnham wrote: “Just got word from Nashville that Ron Gaddis.has passed away wow I am shocked.As many know, he was George Jones’s right hand man for MANY years. Very talented himself, and one hell of a nice person. Met him a couple of times and he treated me like an old friend.Rest In Peace”

Scot Wikle wrote: “I’m so sad to hear that Ron Gaddis passed away. He was George Jones right hand man on stage for so many years playing bass and singing harmony as a “Jones Boy”. Ron was always so nice to me and I will miss him.”


We honor his legacy and treasure the memories of the happiness he brought to innumerable admirers while the music industry laments the passing of this exceptional bassist and George Jones bass player. Ron Gaddis, may your songs continue to reverberate in the hearts of all who cherished you and your music. Rest in peace.

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