Ron LaDouceur, a.k.a. Feather Hat Guy, Windsor icon passed away at 75


 Ron, a.k.a. Feather Hat Guy, Windsor icon passed away at 75
Windsor has lost one of its most notable figures, Ron aka Feather Hat Guy died. (Image Source: Windsor Star)

Today, we lost another amazing legend, arguably Windsor’s most chill-ever resident. The Windsor community mourns the loss of legend Ron, a.k.a. Feather Hat Guy who passed away at 75.

The unexpected death of Ron Ladouceur, popularly known as Feather Hat Guy, has devastated not just his family, friends, and acquaintances, but also his whole town. Windsor won’t be the same without you; rest in peace. Check out the latest news regarding Ron Ladouceur’s life and passing.

Ron Ladouceur Death: What happened to Windsor icon?

Ron, often known as “Feather Hat Guy,” lived on the streets. He’s been a downtown wanderer for years and years, always spotted wearing a wide-brimmed hat with long feathers.

He spent several years becoming a Windsor legend. If you are from Windsor, you have undoubtedly seen this man in the city center, wandering around Wyandotte/Ouellette, etc.

One of his residents, Michelle Lyn, confirmed Ronnie’s departure by posting the following on Facebook.

Well since it seems to be public now, I will post. Ronnie the feather hat guy one of my residents has passed away on Saturday, August 5th. Fly high Ronnie, you will be missed by many! 

As per the online reports, it was confirmed that Ron passed away on August 5th at 75. At the time of writing this article, neither his family nor any online reports had confirmed his death cause. We don’t know a lot right now about his passing, but we’ll let you know when more information becomes available.

As soon as new details regarding Ron Ladouceur’s cause of death are available, we’ll update this post. The family’s privacy must also be protected, despite our best efforts to gather important data and quickly offer the most recent updates. Also, the news of his passing has left all of his loved ones inconsolable, and our condolences go out to his family.

About Ron Ladouceur: Who was he?

Ron aka Feather Hat Guy was a kind and gentle soul. He will be missed deeply by many in Windsor. In a culture that was usually constrained by societal norms, his feathery ornamentation was a beacon of originality.

He had left his mark all over Windsor! So many people knew him for his smile and special character! He was featured in the newspaper, tv, and had his face painted on the walls of his favorite city! They even made a toy based on his character.

Feather Hat Man Action Figure
Feather Hat Man Action Figure (Image source: Brand Dead)

He had a great soul! He would sit and talk for hours and never get tired, he was always fun to talk to back in high school when I used to work at Tim Hortons!

It inspires people to sever their ties with convention and express themselves in their special ways. The Feather Hat Guy, also known as Ron Ladouceur, was a man renowned for more than just his distinctive sense of fashion.

He was a live example of the idea that there are no restrictions for sincere self-expression and connection. Ron Ladouceur was renowned for his approachable and cheerful demeanor as well as the contagious happiness that seems to radiate from him like an aura.

His genuine grin and open-hearted personality attract those who are seeking real connection in a world that is getting more and more computerized and aloof. He was always a nice man & people always enjoyed seeing him around & his hat.

Social Media Condolences & Tributes to Ron Ladouceur

Julia Paddon posted on Facebook,

Hearing news that Ron LaDouceur, Windsor’s iconic Feather Hat Guy, has passed away. For decades, just seeing him as you were out in the city would bring a smile to your face, and brighten your day.  I hadn’t seen him in some time and was worried his health might be failing. I’ve missed coming across him on my walks downtown, and am saddened to know that it won’t ever happen again. Rest in Peace, Feather Hat Guy. Your memory will live on.

Lisa Valente posted on Facebook,

Ronnie Aka feather hat guy. We had some good sit-down chats on the streets of Windsor. Definitely a legend with getting paintings of you, action figures, interviews, and a well know within the city with your famous hat! Rest easy, you will be missed. I say we get a statue of you downtown! ❤️ you sure did leave your mark

A Switchbladeone Reddit user commented,

My mom lives in the same home as him and just told me that while she didn’t see him today she thinks she saw him yesterday and will go and find out as she has the opportunity, “News to me” she said.

Alan Win posted on Facebook,

This is one of the most popular guys that 95% never knew. But you have all seen it 1000 times. Rest in peace feather hat man Windsor will never be the same without you.😥🙏💜


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