Road traffic accident: Rosemary Tongo, girlfriend of Nathan Mbawa dies now after admitted to the hospital.

Rosemary Tongo
Rosemary Tongoand Nathan Mbawa

Rosemary Tongo, the girlfriend of Television presenter, Nathan Mbawa, died in a car accident. Let’s see what happened to Rosemary Tongo and Mbawa in detail.

How did Rosemary Tongo die?

Rosemary Tongo, the girlfriend of Nathan Mbawa, died after being admitted to UTH Hospital. Tango died from the injuries she suffered from the tragic road accident.

Khadija Mumba, sister of the late Rosemary, announced this sad news on social media saying,

We regret to inform the public that Nathan Mbawa, Rosemary, and Serah were involved in an accident at 2:00 a.m. along a 6-mile route, and Rosemary was taken and admitted to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH), where she was later pronounced dead.

In the same car, there was a Bestie to Rosemary by the name of Serah, fortunately, she came out safe without any injury.

Rosemary Tonga and Nathan Mbawa will be put to rest today. May God Comfort the families of the Deceased, It is not easy.”, she wrote.

What happened to Nathan Mbawa and his girlfriend?

Nathan Mbawa and his girlfriend Rosemary Tongo were involved in a tragic car accident that happened on February 19, 2023.

The accident happened at 2am on the Great North Road when he was en route to the country’s capital Lusaka. Mbawa passed away in a horrific car accident on February 19, 2023.

Sadly, Nathan died just 11 days after celebrating his birthday. Nathan’s uncle, Colonel Jeremiah Mbawa confirmed his death on social media.

While his girlfriend Rosemary was hospitalized with injuries. It was reported that Rosemary also passed away today, resulting from the injuries she suffered in the terrific accident.

Nathan Mbawa predicted his death:

Nathan Mbawa, a television presenter and musician previously predicted his death. On December 23, 2022, Nathan Mbawa posted on Facebook that the world would awaken one day without him.

In a follow-up post on December 31, 2022, he expressed that he was experiencing a certain feeling and pondered whether the moment was not yet right.

Mbawa urged his followers to celebrate the holiday season in moderation and to remember that they have only survived thus far because of God’s compassion.

“Sad truth!! One day the world will wake up without you in it!! Like it or not, that day will come. And now the festive season is here once more, whatever you do!, he wrote.

Enjoy yourself knowing that we are at the mercy of God. Enjoy yourself responsibly. Let 2023 morning rise with you in it,” shared Mbawa.

Less than two months after appearing to foretell his demise on Facebook, a Zambian television broadcaster passed away on February 19, 2023.

On February 2022, his close friend, Alister Sibbuku, also died in a fatal crash.


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