What happened to Jian Kayo? Brazilian goalkeeper found dead at 21, cause of death and obituary


 What happened to Jian Kayo? Brazilian goalkeeper found dead at 21, cause of death and obituary

The football world is mourning the sudden death of Ituano FC goalkeeper Jian Kayo. 21-year-old goalkeeper found dead at home. Let’s find out what happened to him and Jian Kayo cause of death in detail.

What happened to Jian Kayo?

Ituano goalkeeper Jian Kayo was found dead at his home this Saturday (18), according to a statement from the São Paulo football club. Jian Kayo cause of death has not been revealed.

“With great sadness and consternation, Ituano FC announces the death of the athlete Jian Kayo Gomes Soares. His body was found lifeless at his residence on Saturday night, the 18th”, declared the club.

Born in Paraná, Jian Kayo went to Itu, in the interior of São Paulo, in 2021 to play for Ituano’s under 20. He was a starter in the Campeonato Paulista that year, a starter in the 2022 Copa São Paulo, and also in the Paulista of the same year. The goalkeeper had just risen to the professional squad this year.

“We are deeply sorry for this great loss, directing our prayers to him, his family, and his friends. Ituano FC is providing all the necessary support and attention to the family in this moment of deep pain. As soon as possible after clearance by authorities and the family, we will release additional information,” he announced.

Cause of death and obituary

The Ituano club announced, this Sunday morning (19) that its third goalkeeper, Jian Kayo, was found dead at his home in Itu (SP), on Saturday night.

The 21-year-old athlete, who had played in several matches for the club’s youth categories, including the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior in 2022, did not play for the professional team.

Jian Kayo was one of the great promises of the São Paulo club, having arrived in 2020 after standing out in the youth teams of Internacional. He played in some matches for the professional team and was seen as a player with a great future in Brazilian football.

No official information about the cause of death has yet been released. Ituano FC issued an official statement deeply regretting the loss of the athlete and offering support and attention to the family in this time of pain.

The club said it will release more information about Jian Kayo’s death as soon as possible after it has been cleared by authorities and his family.

Who was Jian Kayo?

Jian Kayo started his career with São Paulo in 2015, at the age of 13, and went through several teams in the youth teams of Tricolor before joining Ituano in November 2021, where he quickly gained a place in the under-20 team.

Jian Kayo, born in Itambé, Paraná, was known for his talent on the pitches and his charming personality. He was a big fan of last-century music, like blues and classic rock, and frequented big festivals like Lollapalooza.

At the end of last year, Jian got the long-awaited promotion to the professional team of Ituano. Coach Carlos Pimentel, who left the club two weeks ago, highlighted the great energy that the young athlete had in the months they worked together.

“He was a very sweet boy, who left the environment very light and positive in everything he did. He didn’t neglect any training or any activity. He was always a guy with a smile on his face. Very easy to deal with, a very good guy”, said the former coach of Ituano.

With his great performances, a year after his signing, Jian was promoted to Ituano’s professional team, becoming the third goalkeeper for the Campeonato Paulista dispute, alongside Deivity, as a reserve for Jefferson Paulino.

Ituano, which is Paulistão’s bottom line, played this Sunday night against Santo André at the Novelli Júnior stadium. The match was maintained.


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