PLSN Editor Nook Schoenfeld Passed away, Cause of death Explained

Nook Schoenfeld

Nook Schoenfeld, PLSN’s editor passed away on December 14, 2022, on Wednesday. Let’s see, how the PLSN Editor Nook Schoenfeld Passed away and Cause of death in detail.

How did Nook Schoenfeld die?

Richard “Nook” Schoenfeld, who had been battling an illness for the past year, has died, according to PLSN.

Projection, Lights & Staging News’s editor Nook Schoenfeld passed away. PLSN shared a tribute to its editor saying, 

“It’s with great sadness and broken hearts that PLSN shares the sad news that Richard “Nook” Schoenfeld has passed away from an illness that he had been battling this past year. He was a beloved friend, trusted colleague, and gracious human being. He will be greatly missed.


Nook Schoenfeld cause of death:

Nook Schoenfeld cause of death was an illness. He suffered from an illness for the past year and sadly passed away. However, the type of illness he suffered from is not known. Nook Schoenfeld had worked as an editor in PLSN for seven years.

With his Old Man Musings piece, this veteran LD has amassed a devoted audience on Facebook during the pandemic. 

Every Friday, Schoenfeld entertains readers with tales of his travels, frequently mentioning his “partners in crime” who are still able to laugh about the anecdotes years later. 

Who was Nook Schoenfeld?

Nook Schoenfeld was a Former production designer for live events, Current writer and editor from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was an editor of Projection, Lights & Staging News. PLSN is a monthly magazine for the entertainment technology industry. Each month you can receive the magazine FREE, either in print, digital subscription, or on your mobile device.

Nook was raised moving back and forth between California and New York, spending the majority of his high school years in the city. He was born in Hawaii.

While still a teenager, he had his first experience with what would become a successful profession. “My girlfriend at the time got me a job as a stagehand for a one-off Jefferson Starship gig at the Commack Arena on Long Island,” he sai\\d in an interview. “At the time, I didn’t think much of it at all.” He completed high school one year early and lived as a ski bum in Colorado at that time.

Tributes to Nook Schoenfeld:

R.O.C.U. tweeted,

The lighting and tour production industry lost a legend today. RIP Nook Schoenfeld. Thank you for sharing your stories and also paving the way for so many. On the behalf of Roadies Of Color United Association Our sincere condolences and prayers for his family.

Debi Moen posted,

Last year when Nook Schoenfeld was retiring from PLSN, I took inspiration from his Old Man Musings posts on Facebook (which frequently named names and told funny stories about his touring colleagues). In a turnabout, I asked his lighting friends to share stories about NOOK this time. I’d like to repost these stories, told in October 2021’s Designer Watch in PLSN here. When the issue came out, Nook was blown away by all the heartfelt tales. I’m so glad you guys shared these when he could have a laugh and reminisce along with you, and discover how much he meant to you. Rest in Peace, Nook.

Matthias Hinrichs posted,

My friend and mentor Nook Schoenfeld passed away today. A true legend in our business and one of the early pioneers of what we take for granted today seeing shows on the road.

Kurt J GrossenNook Schoenfeld posted,

My deepest sorrows to your family Nook. RIP! This one took me by surprise. Love you, my friend, you were very cool, and knew your shit was one of the best! The lord must have wanted one of the best lighting gurus. Thank you for your guidance in the 80s you were a Bro.

James PoeppingNook Schoenfeld psoted,

Going to miss you, buddy. My condolences to Mary Lou and the boys. It’ll help keep an eye on them. Thank you for everything you taught me and all the good times.
I wish you the best and safe travels on your next chapter in the book of Nook lives on!!


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  1. Nook was a great man and a good friend, He was a great father & husband. We designed a few shows together. I was production manager for Kid Rock on a few dates & Nook was the LD. He was exceptional at his craft – lighting & writing. He genuinely liked & helped people. He gave me a mention in his book. Nook will be missed. Prayers for Mary Lou & the boys from the Busch family.


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