Pfizer vaccine effectiveness and its side effects

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We all know that the entire world is facing a great disaster after the world war-II called the Wuhan virus pandemic/ Covid -19.

On the other side every Nation is facing a challenge to develop their vaccine candidate against the virus and running forward to claim the “World First covid -19 Vaccine” title.

Since, there are so many vaccine candidates like the Oxford’s vaccine, Sputnik-V , Moderna…etc are under their end stage trail, there Comes the US based Pharmaceutical company Pfizer in Association with German’s Bio- Ntech announced their vaccine candidate named “BNT162b2” Shows 90% Efficacy in their end-stage phase III clinical trials, This news had ignited a hope, As the World’s  continuous efforts to develop a vaccine against the disease.


How does the Pfizer vaccine work?


It is based on a platform of Nucleoside modified messenger RNA (modRNA, BNT162b).

It expresses the antigen SARS -COV2 Full length, P2 Mutant, perfusion spike glycoprotein (p2s) which provides immunogenicity against the virus.


How effective is Pfizer vaccine?

During its clinical trial the vaccine has been injected to approximately 43,538 volunteers of different race, origin & Country., Among this only 10% of then acquired the disease, this becomes the great breakthrough news in this pandemic.

According to the US drug regulators, they have been said that , A vaccine with almost 50% efficacy can be approved most of the vaccines currently in use shows this kind of efficacy e.g : Meseals vaccine.


COVID Pfizer vaccine side effects


COVID vaccine Pfizer side effects:


Although the effectiveness of Pfizer vaccine is 90%, there are some demerits and side effects which becomes trouble to users.

  • Though its clinical trials and study outcomes shows no major safety concerns, Some volunteers has said that they face “severe hangover” headache and pain after getting Pfizer vaccine shot., Anyway its not a big deal, these symptoms are almost common  with all efficient vaccines
  • But the major concern regarding this vaccine is , its -70ºC cold chain transport Logistics is difficult in certain underdeveloped countries like India. These kind of deep-freeze storage technologies are not yet developed in India.
  • Since it is an mRNA vaccine price tag may be too hefty for many developing nations including India.

Currently the company is been ready to approach the FDA for emergency use authorisation, which allows the vaccine to be use even while other results from the phase-III trails continue to be analysed.

The company hopes to manufacture enough doses to immunise 15 to 20 million people by the end of 2020.

Pfizer vaccine effectiveness – Official Pfizer vaccine Press release 

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