Olivia Pratt-Korbel killed: What happened to the 9 year old girl?


Olivia Pratt-Korbel killed: What happened to the 9 year old girl?

A 9-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel was killed in Liverpool after a shooter barged into her house. Let’s see how Olivia Pratt-Korbel was killed and What happened to the 9-year-old girl in detail


On Monday night, just after 10 o’clock, a 35-year-old man broke into the nine-year-old girl’s home while being pursued by another guy with a gun.

She was hurt also while her mother struggled to lock the door.

Police have provided details of the shooting incident that left Olivia Pratt-Korbel, 9, dead and her mother injured inside of her home.


Who was the 9-year-old girl?

The primary school student was killed on Monday night shortly after 10 p.m. after a 35-year-old guy pushed his way into her home while being pursued by another man brandishing a gun.

Cheryl, Olivia’s mother, answered the door after hearing gunshots on the street.

The pursued man eventually forced his way inside the house.

Following, the shooter put his hand through a crack and started firing, shooting blindly all around the door.

At the foot of the steps, where Olivia was standing, Cheryl was shot in the arm, leaving her dead.

At the time, the couple was living at home with Olivia’s two elder siblings.

What happened in the Liverpool?

The 35-year-old was injured in the body by two additional rounds fired at him inside the home before the assailant fled on foot.

According to Chief Constable Serena Kennedy, friends of the man who broke into the house picked him up from the streets in a dark Audi and drove him to the hospital “as Olivia lay dying.”

The car they were riding in has already been seized.
Following complaints that a man had shot a gun inside a home on Kingsheath Avenue in Knotty Ash, police were summoned.

What happened to Olivia?

In severe condition, Olivia was transferred to Alder Hey hospital, where she later passed away.

Her mother and the male are receiving medical attention in a hospital for their wounds.
The 35-year-ailments old’s have prevented him from speaking up just yet.

“This is not the time to keep quiet,”
Her “family are crushed, inconsolable, and heartbroken,” Chief Constable Kennedy said.

Added her: “Knowing that Olivia’s murder has shocked our neighborhoods, I can understand their wrath and anger at such a heinous crime taking place on Merseyside’s streets.

What did Liverpool residents express about the incident?

“Liverpool and Merseyside residents are renowned for their compassion and ability to band together in times of need, and I am confident that members of our communities will do whatever they can to support the family.

“Anyone with information on the shooter’s identity should not withhold it at this time.

It’s time for our communities to band together with us to make Merseyside a place where gun usage is completely unacceptable and offenders are held accountable.

Last week saw the third victim of a gun crime.

Kennedy, the chief of police, said: “It seems ironic that Olivia was killed on the fifteenth anniversary of Rhys Jones’ passing.

“His murder should have been a turning point in the use of crime on our streets and the use of firearms.”

The family of Olivia is the third family in Merseyside to have lost a member to gun crime in the past week.

It’s happening again and again

Harry Doyle, the assistant mayor of Liverpool, stated that Rhys Jones, who has fatally shot in Croxteth 15 years ago, came to mind as a result of the occurrence.

“I remember the mood in the city, and not just the city, was just utterly horrific around the shooting of Rhys Jones,” he recalled.

“I see families this morning on the doorsteps, and I remember my family being equally as scared, concerned, and devastated.

“Around that time, my mother wouldn’t allow me to walk to school.
This happening again 15 years later is inconceivable and unbelievable.

What did the police investigation confess?

“We believed we had this violence under control, but this week it has returned,”

The police have issued an appeal, stating that the crime “crosses every single barrier,” for anybody involved to come forward.

Chief Constable Kennedy added, “I also want to take this occasion to appeal to the criminal fraternity and ask them to check their consciences as they will have crucial information that can help us.

The murder of a nine-year-old child “crosses every single line and is a tragedy. I would urge them to do the right thing so we can put this person behind the prison.”

Innocent citizens “caught in the crossfire”

Kingsheath Avenue is part of Father John Ealey’s parish, and he described the neighborhood as “stunned.”

It’s an underdeveloped place, he continued.

“Relative poverty is widespread.

There is a lot of drug trafficking going on, and victims who are caught in the crossfire suffer injuries.

The act is “happening more and more,” he said, asking for prayers for the family and the neighborhood.

Consecutive killings in Liverpool

Reacting to the killing, Paula Barker, the Labour MP for Liverpool Wavertree, told BBC Breakfast: “It is devastating and it comes 15 years to the day after Rhys Jones was senselessly murdered on the streets of our city as well.

It is completely unacceptable and this mindless violence simply has to stop.

“I think, as a city, we come together in adversity and I know people in Liverpool will be horrified this morning.”

Ms. Barker added that it took “so many years” to get justice for Rhys and urged anyone with information to contact Merseyside Police either anonymously or otherwise.

“We cannot allow that to happen to the family of this little girl,” she said.

The incident follows the fatal shooting of a 28-year-old woman less than two miles away in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Ashley Dale died after being shot in the garden of a house in Leinster Road in the Old Swan area of the city.

A woman in her 50s also died on Monday night after being stabbed at a pub in the Kirkby area of Liverpool.

People’s Reactions on this Heartbreaking incident:

Merseyside Police tweeted,

SHOOTING | We have launched an investigation following the tragic fatal shooting of a nine year-old girl in #KnottyAsh last night (Mon). ACC Jenny Sims: “This crime is abhorrent and our communities must come forward and tell us who is responsible.” orlo.uk/esvYg

Sivear posted,

Absolutely heartbreaking. Hearing the circumstances just now from the chief constable. Someone was being chased by a gunman and forced their way into Olivia’s house and while trying to escape the gunman was firing shots – some of which hit Olivia.

Hope justice is found for this family, I can’t begin to imagine their pain.

originalkitten tweeted,

It’s a murder every few days whether it be a stabbing or a shooting. What’s going on? Is this coz there’s no cops on the beat anymore? Crime was low when I was younger and I remember always seeing cop patrols around the neighbourhood . Police stations closing down does not help

Ephemeral-Throwaway said,

Wonder if the 2 guys were in something dodgy or if it was totally random? Sounds like a gang hit.

Guapa1979 posted,

I hope they catch the scumbag that did this and that they get a very lengthy prison sentence.

ragnarspoonbrok said,

Jesus listening to press release is shocking. Poor kid even more so poor mum.

jannerprince said,

I don’t even have the words to describe how mortified I am. I think I’m going to utter a short prayer for the little light’s family, and hope her mother finds peace eventually.

FriendlyCommie posted,

The lack of forethought is what angers me here. It’s like the idiots who shoot somebody dead over a robbery for a couple of quid. Like if this guy was a sadistic child killer then… that’s evil but at least makes logical sense. By the sounds of things though, he was a fucking idiot who’s idiocy cost the life of an innocent child. If he would have thought for a second, calmed down, and realised that nothing is worth taking the life of a child and spending much of the rest of his life (if not all of it) behind bars

IanHawkess posted,

You can’t even begin to even process this families’ agony. An utter waste, and it’s had me so upset all morning, since I heard about it

Updates: Police starts investigation of Olivia Pratt-Korbel murder.

What did the police conference express now?

Gunman pulls out a gun on two blokes and chases one of them.

Bloke being chased manages to force himself into this little girl’s house and the gunman tries to follow.

The mother is unable to stop it, gunman fires, bullet hits the mother’s wrist and continues and hits the little girl. Gunman flees.

Chased bloke’s mates turn up in a car, pick him up and take him to hospital. The girl dies.

In response to the shooting death of a schoolgirl in Dovecot, the police are holding a press conference.

Following the shooting on Kingsheath Avenue on Monday night, Merseyside police stated they have opened a murder inquiry.

A press conference will now be held at Merseyside police headquarters under the direction of Chief Constable Serena Kennedy and Detective Chief Superintendent Mark Kameen, Head of Investigations.

That concludes today’s news conference.

We’ll keep providing updates on this killing investigation.

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