How did superyacht sink in Italian coast? What happened?


How did superyacht sink in Italian coast? What happened?

Scenic video catches the moment a massive 40-meter superyacht sank off the coast of Italy. Let’s watch a video of How did superyacht sink on the Italian coast in detail

Crew and Passengers Rescued Before Yacht Sinks Off Italian Coast

Footage released by the Italian coast guard on August 22 reveals the moment a yacht sank off the coast of Italy, near Crotone.

The coast guard said it blended the rescue operations of passengers and crew of a 40-meter yacht, which sank nine miles (14.5 km) offshore from Catanzaro Marina. 


What happened?

After nine passengers were evacuated by the Italian Coast Guard from a superyacht that was sinking, the vessel sank off the southern Italian coast on Saturday.

The 39.4-meter motor boat “My Saga” sank off the shore of Catanzaro Marina, according to reports in the Italian media this past weekend.

The enormous boat is captured on camera swaying into the water before fully sinking stern-first.

According to reports, the yacht couldn’t be saved by a rescue tugboat due to the weather getting worse.

As per the outlet, an inquiry is being conducted to determine what caused the ship to sink.

According to Super Boat Times, the yacht was constructed in Italy in 2007. At the time of its sinking, it had a full Italian crew and was sailing from Gallipoli to Milazzo while flying the Cayman Islands flag.

How did superyacht sink in Italian coast?

The Super Yacht Times claims that the My Saga was spotted flying the Cayman Islands flag while it was sailing from Gallipoli, Turkey, to Milazzo, Italy.

Before the ship sank into the water, four passengers and five crew members were saved. There were no injuries reported.

“In recent days, the Guardia Costiera of Crotone managed the rescue operations of passengers and crew of a 40m yacht, which sank 9 miles offshore of Catanzaro Marina,” the Italian coast guard tweeted.

The ship was reportedly taking on a large amount of water when the skipper issued a distress call late at night during a storm.

Up to 12 guests can stay on board the superyacht, which was completed in 2007. There is also space for 7 crew members, including the skipper.

It occurs three weeks after a luxury yacht collided with rocks near Sardinia, causing the death of a British man and the injuries of six additional persons.

Unidentified but believed to be the owner of the 70-foot Magnum-style motor yacht that was involved in the collision, the 63-year-old died in the accident yesterday at around 8.40 p.m. near Porto Cervo, Sardinia.

The sailboat, which was carrying seven passengers in all, is believed to have hit rocks and partially sank while swerving to avoid another boat close to the Il Nibani collection of offshore islands, according to La Stampa.


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