Nour Marbany death: Father of 6 died tragically in car crash on Hawksview Street at Merrylands


 Nour Marbany death: Father of 6 died tragically in car crash on Hawksview Street at Merrylands

Father-of-six from Sydney perished in a horrific Merrylands automobile accident. Following the tragic passing of Nour Marbany poignant condolences from friends and relatives have poured in on social media. Keep reading this article to learn more details about what happened to him and the horrific accident.

Father of six slain in horrific crash receives tributes

A father-of-six was killed in the horrific collision between a ute and a car on a suburban street, which was caught on CCTV. Police are now looking into whether drag racing was a factor.

Around 5 o’clock on Saturday, Nour Marbany, 35, was a passenger in a Holden Commodore being driven by his brother in Merrylands, western Sydney.

The Commodore struck a Hyundai i30 that was in reverse, rolled, and then struck an empty, parked HiLux vehicle, according to witnesses who heard three huge booms. Mr. Marbany passed away at the site despite the efforts of NSW Ambulance personnel.

The residential street’s posted speed restriction is 50 km/h. The ute’s speed is unknown, however, a few seconds prior, it was shown on CCTV driving quickly to pass a truck on the same stretch of road.

One neighbor on Merrylands Street claimed there was an accident every six weeks and demanded safety measures to save another deadly collision.

Watch the Video of Horrific Crash below:

The Holden’s 23-year-old driver was taken to Westmead Hospital, where he received minimal medical attention and was subjected to the required tests.

The Hyundai’s 37-year-old male driver underwent necessary testing at Westmead Hospital without suffering any injuries. For over six hours, the road was stopped as police conducted their investigation; their probe is still ongoing. Residents have demanded action to increase safety in the meantime, claiming that there are “constant accidents on this street.”

Nour Marbany’s Wife’s emotional post

Rema Zreika, his wife, posted a heartfelt homage to her late husband on social media, quoting a verse from the Koran in Arabic.

‘You’ve shattered me into a million pieces. Inshallah [If God wills] I can be strong enough to raise your 6 kids,’

she wrote on Facebook. ‘Indeed, to Allah, we belong and to Allah, we shall return.’

Neighbor’s Statement on Accident

Jemma Achi, a resident of Hawksview St., told The Daily Telegraph that she heard several “bangs” when the car flipped. Before emergency personnel could reach, she hurried to assist the two men inside.

“It was pretty bad,” Ms. Achi remarked. “I reassured him (Mr. Marbany) and held his hand while telling him, ‘Everything will be all right.'” “As a mother, I felt for his mother. For my kids, I would want someone to be there.

There are usually accidents on this street, she continued. Every time there is an accident, everyone from the neighborhood gathers, and we all rush outside, according to Ms. Achi. “People tried to remove the doors last night since the men were in poor condition. Every six weeks, an accident occurs.

Another neighbor, Tommy Naati, claimed to The Daily Telegraph that one of his neighbors was struck by the car Mr. Marbany was driving as they were backing out of their driveway onto the road. “There have been so many accidents here,” he declared. Because of this, I park my car in the garage rather than on the street.

Another local, Carol Malouf, who assisted in clearing up the wreckage from yesterday, claimed to have witnessed numerous accidents on the “dangerous” route before. There are no speed bumps and two large hills on the open road, she remarked. The collision took place at the top of the slope, where drivers occasionally fail to detect oncoming traffic.

The following consoling remarks are posted on social media by family and friends to comfort the grieving family.

Mariana Cha wrote,

Allah yerhamo ya rub. May Allah give you and your beautiful children the strength and patience to get through this difficult time.

Nora Hammoud said,

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.  So sorry for your loss Rema. May Allah swt give you and the children patience and strength. 

Suzy Boulad posted,

Allah yerhamou and grant you patience and strength during this difficult time. Inshallah you reunite in the highest level of Jannah.

Maríam Hage said,

Allah yerhamo May Allah swt enlighten his grave with his rahma may he have righteous companions that will represent his good deeds may he be granted Jannah al fidos and May he forgive him for his sins Ameen


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