Norwich Boxing death: How did Jules Tottenham Bevis die? Cause of death Explained

Norwich Boxing death How did Jules Tottenham Bevis die Explained (1)

Following an incident earlier today (2 October) at a charity boxing competition in Norwich, police are looking into the death of a man. According to multiple reports, the deceased person was Jules Tottenham Bevis, a well-known spurs social media creator. Let’s see what happened in detail.



The event was staged in support of Kayla Buttle, 4, of Norwich, who has neuroblastoma cancer.

In order to transfer her to America for “perhaps life-saving” treatment, her family is attempting to earn $221,000 in donations.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Mr. Bevis wrote on Facebook about the performance and a photo of Kayla with the caption, “It’s all about this young child.”


What happened in the Norwich Boxing event?

At 3:47 p.m. today afternoon, officers were summoned to the game in Diamond Road, Norwich, after hearing allegations of sudden death when a man in his 50s fell ill during the game.

Despite the presence of emergency services including an ambulance and police, he was tragically declared dead at the site.

While police look into the circumstances surrounding the death, which is currently being treated as unexplained, the area has been cordoned off.


How did Jules Tottenham Bevis die?

Norwich Boxing death How did Jules Tottenham Bevis die Explained (3)

The man in his 50s died, but there is no official word on how this happened. Jules Tottenham Bevis was the name of the deceased, according to information from Facebook. He was a legendary boxer in Norwich. This information has been confirmed by a Bewis Friend and the Legends Fitness Academy.

Anyone who saw the event but hasn’t yet talked to the police should dial 101 and mention incident number 288 from today.


Jules Tottenham Bevis Cause of death

The owner of the World Association of Wrestling stated in a video posted on Facebook:

“It was not boxing that killed my brother last night, believe me.

“The whole show was about sparring sessions between ex-boxers to raise money for a little girl… There were no big punches, especially in my brother’s match.

“Unfortunately it was my brother’s time. He collapsed in the bout and as far as I was concerned he was gone when he hit the floor.”

Ricky Knight (Jules’s brother) stated that the cause of death for Mr. Bevis was unknown. “Seeing my brother lying there in the ring will stick with me forever,” he added, thanking audience members who had attempted to revive his brother.

But rumors around him are suggestive of a suspected cardiac arrest. But no official information backing up this statement. Also, we have to give the family the time and space needed to overcome this tremendous loss.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Jules Tottenham Bevis cause of death will be added soon.


Who was Jules Tottenham Bevis?

Norwich Boxing death How did Jules Tottenham Bevis die Explained (3)

Jules Bevis is a well-known spur social media creator. He was in a relationship with his partner Mel Bevis since 2016.

Roy Bevis Knight, Ex Wrestler Paige’s brother, reported on Instagram that his uncle had

“died trying to save a little girl”.

“Can’t get my head around my uncle. Turns up cuddling people, smiling, full of life, and doing a massive thing for charity. Then ends up not coming home to his partner, kids, and grandkids.

“You’ll always be my hero, from eight years old you used to pick me up every week to go boxing, you showed me so much love growing up. Local legend with over 100 fights.

“So shocked. I’ll miss you so much, Jules.”


Ex Wrestler Paige says uncle Jules Bevis died

Ex Wrestler Paige says uncle Jules Bevis died

Paige, a former WWE star, has revealed how her uncle passed away while being held by her brother during a charity boxing fight.

The wrestler, whose actual name is Saraya Bevis, said that Jules Bevis had fallen in the ring while participating in a fundraiser for a four-year-old girl with cancer.

The police have acknowledged that they are looking into the death of Mr. Bevis, who was in his 50s, which happened at the event on Sunday at Diamond Road in Norwich.

Saraya, whose family was the subject of the film Fighting With My Family, posted on her Twitter feed:

“Keep thinking about my uncle. What a great person he was.

“Up until the end, he had a heart of gold. He was doing a charity boxing match at my dad’s wrestling PC [performance center] raising money for a little girl for her cancer treatments.

“In the ring, he collapsed and passed in my brother Roy’s arms.”

But Saraya’s father and Mr. Bevis’ brother, Ricky Knight, has insisted that it was not immediately brought on by the fight.

After switching to All Elite Wrestling, former WWE star Saraya, who now goes by her true name, revealed she was not there for the charity bout and “can’t imagine how it felt watching that and being there.”


Condolences to Bevis

Evan Rhys Hubbard (One of his friends) made his tribute via Facebook,

Rest in peace, jab master Jules Tottenham Bevis. A Norwich boxing legend and friend of many including myself. Today has been hard for a lot of people. All my thoughts are with your family.

Legends Fitness Academy posted,

Terrible terrible heartbreaking news tonight. All I’m going to say (and I’m not good with words I’m afraid, lost for words, to be honest) is all our thoughts and love at this awful time are with the Bevis family and our boxing brother, friend, and sparring partner Tareik Bevis from our sister club Iceni Siam Norwich Everyone at our Team K9 Family is devastated for you. Anything we can do to help in any way consider it done Tareik Family is everything. X

Jackson Williams paid her condolences,

Tonight I’ve had to reflect on something that happened on a day that was all about raising money for a little girl. Getting local boxers from the past competing in some exhibition bouts with no winners or losers, just some fun and raising plenty of money for a charity. Sadly Jules Tottenham Bevis, who is a long term friend who I was brought up around as kid, unexplainably collapsed in the corner in an exihibiton match. Jules I know its a sport you loved dearly and you will be missed by so many people my friend. RIP JabMaster Bevis.

Julia Hamer posted,

What happened today was surreal, I am numb, my sadness is overwhelming, but, I have to mention the way Jules Tottenham Bevis was treated by the NHS Professionals medics, paramedics, critical trauma and Norfolk Constabulary was just amazing, the emotion that flowed from them when they had to stop was a sight to behold, they all hugged each other tears flowing because they couldn’t save him, genuine Care and love. All the emergency services were just brilliant and I need to thankyou all from the bottom of my heart, all the family are overwhelmed at your efforts.

For now my family are in deep shock, we are missing a piece and it hurts. I love you always Jules, RIP.

Magdalena Mott said,

My deepest condolences and heart go out to this poor man’s family and loved ones. I lost my twin brother in a boxing event 6 years ago and feel the pain every day. Such a dangerous sport should only be for professionals surrounded by professional medics that can save a life. I’m so sorry another family has to go through this nightmare.

This is a developing story, more about “Norwich Boxing death” will be published as soon as the information is available. So come back to see if any updates.



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