Nora Forster death: How did the wife of Johnny Rotten and actress die? Cause of death and Obituary

Johnny Rotten is in grief after the passing of Nora Forster, his wife, who had battled Alzheimer’s illness for many years. Let’s see How did the wife of Johnny Rotten and actress Nora Foster die and Nora Foster cause of death in detail.


How did Nora Forster die?

John Lydon’s wife Nora Forster passed away at the age of 80. He was the frontman for the bands’ SEX PISTOLS and PUBLIC IMAGE LTD.

In a message released on social media on Thursday, the frontman of the Sex Pistols, John Lydon, revealed the sad news of Forster’s passing at the age of 80. The message included a cute image of the two cuddling and said,

“It is with a heavy heart that we share the sad news that Nora Forster – John Lydon’s wife of nearly 5 decades – has passed away.”

The statement closed by noting that Lydon had recently taken on the role of his wife’s “full-time carer.”

“Please respect John’s grief and allow him space. Rest in Peace Nora. Heart felt condolences to John from Rambo and all at PiL Official.”


Nora Forster cause of death

Nora Forster, John Lydon’s wife, passed away at the age of 80 following a protracted Alzheimer’s battle.

Lydon initially announced his wife’s condition in a radio program in 2018, and he has been open about it ever since.
He said she had “mid-stages of Alzheimer’s” at the time.

He told The Mirror in 2020,

“I am her full-time carer and I won’t let anyone mess up with her head,”

“For me the real person is still there. That person I love is still there every minute of every day and that is my life. It’s unfortunate that she forgets things, well, don’t we all?”

He would keep talking about Forster’s illness and his caregiving in the years that followed. Lydon most recently made an appearance as the Jester in season 6 of The Masked Singer.

He confessed on stage after being unmasked that one of the goals of the program was to make his wife happy.

He said,

 “We’ve been married 45 years,” 

“And no sadness, you know, because [we’re] at a certain point now in our lives where she’s suffering from Alzheimer’s, and it’s my job as her main protector and love of my life to look after her, and she will love this.”

Lydon wrote, “Alzheimer’s specialists had been amazed by how well Nora remained to recall me in her later years.”

‘I know that fear of isolation. I know what it’s like to feel completely frightened and not know where you are.’

He claimed that the two’s continued dancing together, television viewing, and remembering past holidays made the years following Nora’s diagnosis in 2018 more bearable.

He also said that despite his loving wife’s deteriorating health and memory loss, she had not left him.

It was obvious how devoted he and his wife were to one another, and after many years of marriage, he claimed that if one of them passed away, there would be “no one else” for the other.”

He said,

“For me, the real person is still there. That person I love is still there every minute of every day, and that is my life.”

When his wife passed away, the Public Image Ltd (PiL) singer provided full-time care for her, as he described in a February interview with The Times: “All the things I thought were the ultimate agony seem preposterous now… It’s shaped me into what I am.”

Recently, Lydon applied to represent Ireland, the nation of his parents’ birth, and sang a song he had composed himself called Hawaii that was motivated by his wife’s illness.

He recently sang Hawaii, a song he wrote, with his band Public Image Ltd (PiL) during an audition to represent Ireland, the nation of his parents’ birth.

In January, he claimed the song was dedicated to Nora and was motivated by her health while fighting back tears. John shared the song’s lyrics by elaborating:

It is dedicated to everyone going through tough times on the journey of life, with the person they care for the most.

‘It’s also a message of hope that ultimately love conquers all.’

Nora Forster cause of death has left the community inconsolable.


Who was Nora Forster?

Lydon, 67, wed Nora in 1979 and recently confessed that he would find life ‘unbearable’ without the former model. She was a German publishing heiress named Nora Maier who was also passionate about music.

She eventually worked as a promoter. She was married once before to German singer Frank Forster, and they had a daughter named Ariane.

The late vocalist, better known by her stage name Ari Up, rose to fame as a young punk star and the lead singer of The Slits. In the 1960s, Nora and Ari relocated to west London, where Nora entertained The Clash, Yes, and Jimi Hendrix in her Shepherd’s Bush residence.

In 1975, Nora and Lydon met at Vivienne Westwood’s renowned King’s Road clothing store Sex. Friends first advised the two to stay away from one another, but Lydon claimed they had an instantaneous, explosive connection that would last a lifetime.

He told The Guardian last year,

‘It’s love, you know. I’ve always loved that woman. And she knows it. When we met we didn’t expect to get on. We’d both been told the other was a bad’un. But blimey. Sparks flew. It was instant attraction,’ 

‘And that’s never gone. I never expected to feel like that. I never thought I was in any way attractive. Or anyone’s idea of a good date.’

Despite leading a rock and roll lifestyle, the former Sex Pistol remained deeply devoted to his wife, telling Yahoo that as a member of one of the largest bands in the world, “sex was thrown at you, left right and centre.”

Regarding his experience with spinal meningitis at the age of seven, Lydon remarked,

“No, it wasn’t for me… I don’t like that flippancy. I grew up having childhood illnesses, and somehow it left me feeling that there was something wrong with me.”

After the diagnosis, Lydon spent a year in the hospital and experienced terrible side effects, including memory loss for four years. He claims that this experience gave him insight into his wife’s current illness and needs.

About Lydon:

In the 1970s, alongside bassist Glen Matlock, drummer Paul Cook, and guitarist Steve Jones, Lydon achieved popularity with The Sex Pistols. At the beginning of 1977, Sid Vicious took Matlock’s position. From 1975 until 1978, he served as the band’s main vocalist.

Later, he led the group during many revivals in the 1990s and 2000s. Never Forget the B*****ks, Here’s the Sex Pistols (1977), the sole album by The Sex Pistols and a UK number one, is now considered a classic of punk music. Lydon started PiL in 1978, and its initial lineup featured ex-Clash guitarist Keith Levene and bassist Jah Wobble.

In 2020, Lydon discussed postponing a highly anticipated Public Image Ltd (PiL) album to devote more time to taking care of his wife.

Nora’s death is not the first sorrow Lydon has experienced; in 2010, his stepdaughter Ari Up passed away suddenly, leaving him and Nora to mourn the loss of her only child.

In a prior statement, Lydon stated that he thought Nora’s sickness started around the time her daughter passed away from breast cancer.

Nora leaves behind her third grandchild, Wilton, as well as Ari’s boys, Pablo and Pedro, who she and Lydon adopted in 2000.



Dr. Hilda Hayo, Chief Admiral Nurse and Chief Executive at Dementia UK, responded to Lydon’s statement this evening by saying:

‘We’re sorry to hear that John’s wife Nora has died having lived with Alzheimer’s for several years and send our condolences to him and his family.

‘John has raised a huge amount of awareness around the impact that a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can have through his work in recent months. Through sharing his personal experience, he will no doubt have helped others seek the support they need.

‘The death of someone close is one of the most difficult experiences many of us will ever face, and we hope he receives the support he needs while he is grieving.’

Families affected by dementia are asked by the organization to contact its specialized Helpline at 0800 888 6678 or by email at [email protected].



Tributes to Nora Forster

Many people expressed their profound sympathies to her family and expressed how much they loved her.

The Ross Owen Show tweeted: “So sorry for your loss John. What you and Nora had together was very special and very rare. Every time you close your eyes Nora will be right there beside you. No one can ever take that away. Sending condolences from Scotland. Hang tough sir.”

James Carver tweeted: “My deepest condolences John. Rest in Peace Nora.”

Steppa tweeted: “I’m very sorry to hear this, John. I lost my Mum to Altzheimer’s in 2014. Awful disease, that nearly broke me emotionally. You are a legend and an extremely emotionally strong person. May your Nora rest in peace.”



One of the worst things anyone can go through in life is losing a loved one. Any journey must have a destination at the end. The person’s time on earth has regrettably come to an end now that they have died. We wish her eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to her loved ones, family, friends. May she rest in peace.

Kindly use the comment box below to honor the death of Nora Forster by leaving a tribute.


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