Josh DeMuth death: How did the motocross racer die? Cause of death and Obituary


 Josh DeMuth death: How did the motocross racer die? Cause of death and Obituary

The moto world lost another great guy: We regret to inform you that Josh Demuth, a former Texas Motocross racer more commonly referred to as “The Sheriff,” has passed away unexpectedly. The sudden passing of Josh is a great loss for his family, friends, and the sports world as a whole. Let’s find out what happened to him and Josh Demuth cause of death in detail.

What happened to Josh Demuth?

According to online reports and social media tributes, it was confirmed that Josh Demuth has passed away and one of the statements reads the following,

~ RIP Josh Demuth “The Sheriff” ~ Not even sure how to post this, but to dispel the ramped rumor mill… Yes, unfortunately, it’s extremely sad for me to report that Josh Demuth has in fact passed away. Please PLEASE PLEASE give his family some space right now, and PLEASE keep his Family, Kids & Friends in your THOUGHTS & PRAYERS.

What a complete loss for everyone. One of the funniest, KINDEST guys you could ever meet. What an incredible Racer that brought millions of smiles to people’s faces! Josh and his family moved here to N. TX in 1997, from Ohio, to further his Motocross career and we were all gifted with his presence at the Tracks ever since. His talent, speed & smile won Fans over, worldwide. Sad day in the Motocross World… RIP, Champ….You will forever be missed.

Who was Josh DeMuth?

Josh Demuth, an East Coast-based racer, who turned pro in the mid-1990s, made a name for himself as a journeyman privateer, consistently finishing inside the top ten at whatever supercross and outdoor motocross events he could afford to attend.

For many years, Demuth duked it out as an Ohio-based privateer, traveling in a van and racing nearly every weekend. But it wasn’t until he started racing arenacross that he really made a name for himself. At the same time, his family moved to Texas, and Demuth started to come into his own as a racer.

Demuth is the eighth rider to win the AMA National Arenacross title since the series began in 1986 and only the fourth rider in series history to win back-to-back Arenacross championships.

He retired in 2012 while running second in points in the Amsoil Arenacross Championship but suffered a nearly catastrophic injury some six months after retiring while riding with friends.

Demuth has faced a long road back to recovery—well over a year in a hospital and over twenty surgeries. With a new year approaching, Demuth is ready to turn over and put the injuries behind him.

Josh about his personal life

Well, since all this went down, I guess you could say that while it was really tough, it was also a blessing in disguise. When I was racing, I got to travel overseas and all over the country, but I had no time for family.

So now, with this time off, and when I was not the in hospital, I got to hang with the kids and my girlfriend Michele. I never had time for that stuff, like going to birthday parties, and whatnot.

My sister has some kids as well, and we’ve been basically just hanging out as one big family. So I’ve been spending a lot of time just catching up on family time that I missed.

As for my kids, I have four of my own: Devon, my oldest son, is 14. Sutton is my daughter and she is 13. Brody is 8. And the youngest is Bru; he is a toddler and is about fifteen months old. 

Josh speaks about his accident in an Interview

(January 1, 2015)

I crashed and broke my leg on one side and my foot on the other side. Both were really bad compound fractures. The leg ended up getting infected from being in the dirt right after the crash and basically never really healed.

I ended up with a chronic bone infection, which then led to a staff infection. As it got worse and worse, they said they needed to cut my leg off. But first I had a bunch of failed surgeries on it.

So they cut it off below the knee, which made things easier for recovery [than being above the knee]. But then shortly after my knee got a staph infection. So they had to go back in and take it off above the knee. It has been about a year now, and everything seems to be going great.

So you retire from a successful racing career with your health in place and start on the next chapter of life, but within five months, you suffer a major injury. Even though you’re now retired, that had to be an amazingly painful pill to swallow.

It was. But with racing, and by the point I called it quits, I just wasn’t having fun. I got to that point where I was in second place in the points, and it just wasn’t fun at all. I had the other things all lined up with a good job, and I did not know how long I wanted to go with the racing. So I just decided to retire and go into full-time [working]. It was just one of those things, I guess.

Tell me about the recovery. One full year of hospitals is really rough.

It has indeed been a long road. After that one year, it has taken me a full year to get my feet back under me. I have had a lot of physical therapy and a lot of fittings for the prosthetic. It has been tough finding the best one to fit me. Some people do not know that I almost lost my left foot as well. That was also a compound break, and they put it together as best as they could, but it is still not right. But, yeah, I have basically been just getting comfortable with being on my feet again. 

Are the injuries all healed now?

As of now, everything is great. I have my prosthetic, the foot is healed up, and it works. It kind of shattered into a bunch of pieces, and they fused it together, and eventually, I will need some bone graphs. But then I had one other setback and I do not think a lot of people know about it. I ended up planning to ride the X Games.

I had another guy who was developing a foot setup to lock my foot in; that was pretty dialed. But then a few months before the race I was riding and broke my arm pretty badly.

I had some shoulder problems. And now my right arm doesn’t work; it works only about 25 percent of what is supposed to. So I guess it seems like I am starting to fall apart! But that’s ok—I am used to coming back from these things.

You actually had a really long career, at least in motocross terms.

Yeah, I guess so. I turned pro in 1995 and raced arena cross through 2012. I was hit and miss on some of the supercross and outdoor stuff. My real last time doing anything other than arena cross was in 2010.

But I had some good results—I had a fourth in Millville in the 450 Class one year, as well as quite a few top-ten rides in Supercross. I finished fourth in the 250 class a few times.

In the 450 class, I got a fifth in Vegas and a third at the US Open. I had some really good rides over the years. My only regret is that I never actually got a podium [in AMA Supercross and Motocross]. I got as close as you can get, but never got one.

Josh Demuth cause of death

Josh was such an icon of Texas motocross and an unbelievably good ambassador of the sport! He was quite a character with a HUGE heart. His spirit and kindness will be missed by many. 

Josh Demuth cause of death has not been made public yet. Apart from the confirmation of his death, the particular cause of Josh Demuth’s death has not yet been made public, hence it is currently unknown what led to his passing.

This section will be updated as soon as we find out any additional information about the unfortunate incident that caused many people to cry. We extend our profound sympathies to Josh Demuth’s family and friends.

Obituary for Josh Demuth

After racing, Demuth suffered a nearly catastrophic injury.

(credit: Facebook)

“Life is eternal, and Love is immortal, and death is only a horizon and horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight”.

Saying goodbye is often difficult, and it can be hard to find the words to express how you feel about a loved one who has passed. We are sorry to announce the demise news of a good soul and talented motocross racer here.

Josh Demuth was a kind, gentle, young man and a gifted and talented racer who will be fondly remembered by so many. Josh was not only a great racer but more importantly a great person who was loved by all. He will always be remembered as an unassuming gentleman with a kind heart.

He was surrounded by loved ones who will continue to honor his legacy by living their lives to the fullest. Josh is taking pride in the priceless gift of eternal life! Funeral arrangements and services will be announced later by his family members and we will update the details soon. Please keep Josh’s loving parents, family, and friends in your thoughts and prayers. May he rest in peace. 

Please leave a tribute or share your memories with Josh in the comment field below to honor his death. 


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