Nonoy Lanzanas dies, palawan musician and founder of music group Sinika passed away

Nonoy Lanzanas
Nonoy Lanzanas, Filipino musician


Nonoy Lanzanas, a well-known singer and songwriter, passed away on February 5. Let’s see what happened to the musician and Nonoy Lanzanas cause of death in detail.

How did Nonoy Lanzanas die?

Lanzanas, who formed SINIKA, or folk art, in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, passed away.

Under the leadership of the late city mayor Edward Hagedorn, Lanzanas was appointed director of Puerto Princesa City’s culture and arts development programme in 1992.

Undoubtedly, Nonoy is a key figure in Palawan’s cultural and artistic community. His demise was announced by his family members and close friends on social media posts.

Who was Nonoy Lanzanas?

The song “Latong Cuyo,” which was written and released in 1998 by the Filipino Nonoy Lanzanas and his Sinika (short for Sining ng Katutubo) band, is filled with nostalgia (seaweed from Cuyo).

Latong Cuyo inspired many long-time island residents to return when the album first came out.

This song, which compared our culture and traditions to the unique variety of “lato” native to the community, had the listeners in tears.

It warned that if we don’t take care of our seas, the lato will perish, and if we don’t pass on our native music to the next generation (like “tipano” and “toting”), they will all disappear.

The result inspired him to do further research and songwriting, even going to a great extent to promote Philippine folk music both domestically and internationally.

Musical career:

Lanzanas and his ensemble represented the Philippines at the recent Asian Cultural Fair in Burma (Myanmar). It captivates the crowd with a variety of melodious folk music.

The Filipino community gave them a standing ovation for their presentation, which was set up in a distinctive Sinika manner.

When not playing abroad, Lanzanas returns to his roots and runs outreach initiatives to save the Cuyono bamboo flute music known as tipano, which is under threat of extinction.

Lanzanas has been spreading indigenous Filipino music, primarily from Palawan, since he was barely out of college, even while working.

He and his group perform in festivals, fiestas, and other cultural gatherings both domestically and abroad.

Nonoy Lanzanas cause of death:

Filipino musician Lanzanas died late Sunday evening, according to several of his close friends. Nonoy Lanzanas cause of death is still unknown.

Tributes flooded online after the demise news of the ethnic/ Cuyunon musician broke out.

John Paul Gacot Fabrigas shared a tributes saying,

“Until next time. Let’s just chat and share stories in the clouds Father Nonoy Lanzanas . Matamang Salamat sa imong guegma, kaayadan, and being a good example. We will miss you. Condolences to the family of father Nonoy, especially mother Ruby.”

Condolences to Nonoy Lanzanas:

Robert Arevalo posted,

Goodbye, Father Nonoy Lanzanas. It’s hard to think that you’re also here.
Thank you for your musics… Condolences to the orphans and those who love Tatay Nonoy…
May your soul Rest in Peace.

Enrick King Bernardino posted,

Goodbye, Uncle Nonoy Lanzanas . Thanks for the music and being part of a family. We love you!

Edwin Tan posted,

To the late Bro Nonoy Lanzanas, we offer to Sis Ruby & His family our deepest sympathies for His passing from this mortal world to the next eternal world in heaven. May You rest in peace, vaya con Dios..

Amado Jardinero commented,

Nonoy is my kababata! Farewell my friend, may your journey be full of happiness and everlasting life in the Lord.

Tine Coo commented,

Rest in Peace sir, you will always be part of Palawans Culture & Pride.


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