How did Nicky Moffatt die? Renowned guitarist & musician cause of death Explained


How did Nicky Moffatt die? Renowned guitarist & musician cause of death Explained

Famous guitarist and musician Nicky Moffatt passed away, leaving his family, friends, and music lovers in utter despair. He was an amazing band member who led the rock and roll lifestyle and always had a smile on his face. In this post, you can read more about his passing and Nicky Moffatt’s cause of death.

What happened to Nicky Moffatt?

Renowned guitarist & musician Nicky Moffatt passed away last night. Nicky’s vocals were enough to give you goosebumps in the first few words of his music. Stray Blacks announced his demise news to the world by posting the following emotional statement on their official public Facebook page.

We are all totally devasted to wake up to the news of the passing of Nicky Moffatt. Nicky has been and always will be an integral part of Stray Blacks and he will always be with us. Our thoughts and love go out to all of Nicky’s family and community.

He lived the rock and roll life and always had a smile and was just an awesome band member. He was a song man and a storyteller, deeply connected to culture, family, and community.

We will play his music in his honor and share his stories and love of music. One of the greats who will always be remembered and loved. VALE Nicky Moffatt

Nicky Moffatt cause of death

Nicky Moffatt cause of death

Nicky’s son Joel Wiggins’s statement about his father’s passing,

My heart is broken My beautiful Dad Nicholas John Foster Moffatt or Nicky as most knew him, passed into the Dreamtime in the early hours of this morning.

Dad even though you didn’t get to raise all of us, I know you always loved us and I’m so grateful for the last 13 years of knowing and loving you You were a kind, loving, humble, and gentle man and I know you were so proud of us kids.

I know that you are now reunited with Phill and Tracey watching over all of us. Give them a big hug for me please  I promise to continue your legacy of music until we meet again Dad.

Nicky Moffatt cause of death was not disclosed yet. At this point, it is unknown precisely what led to his death apart from the confirmation of his death, and the exact cause of the death of Nicky Moffatt was not released as well.

To learn more about Nicky Moffatt’s death, we are attempting to get in touch with his friends and family. Also, it is important to respect the family’s privacy during this difficult time. This section will be updated as soon as we learn any new information regarding the tragic event that brought many people to tears.

Our deepest Condolences will go to his Family, fans, and friends.

About Stray Blacks 

For 20 years, the Stray Blacks have been a part of the Victorian Koorie community. Alf Bamblett, Tony Lovett, and Tony Gorrie founded the Stray Blacks in 1989, and since then, their unique blend of country, rock, and reggae music has delighted audiences all over the world. In Carlton’s John Curtin Hotel at the beginning of the 1990s, Stray Blacks established their own residency.

The band decided it was time to organize their shows and provide a location where the mob could congregate and enjoy good company and good music since they were tired of seeing black people kicked out and barred from the city’s hotels and bars.

For many years, JCs served as both an institution and a gathering place for the larger neighborhood. There have been numerous musicians riding shotguns with the Stray Blacks throughout their voyage.

Read some tributes posted online following Nicky Moffatt’s death

Jãḏê Wãḻśh said,

Just got off the phone with Nafe and he wishes to send his condolences to Uncle Nicky Moffatt’s immediate family and all cousins, and Aunties Uncles. He said Unk would always tell him to go stay with him for a week or two but Nafe never got around to it. He wishes he had of got around to it. Rest Easy in the Dreamtime unk.

Maggie Bryant Wilkinson said,

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment Until it becomes a memory  Nicky Moffatt I will see you someday in the clouds Brotha  You were my Mum Gina Marks Bryant Wilkinson’s godbrother. 

Brent Hodgkins said,

I just can’t believe it.  And we are deeply saddened that you are gone, Nicky. I am honored that you had time in your life for me. I will always treasure our happy memories of jamming, gigging, recording, and hanging out.

This is the first song we recorded together in May 2014. We lost the master session and we weren’t able to finish mixing and editing the track properly, but you didn’t mind, I think we captured some Nicky Magic that day anyway.

I know you would be ok with me sharing it as we talked about putting it out there, and besides, I think it is pretty damn special and that people will enjoy it. Thank you for everything, my friend. I love you, my Brother. Until we meet again.


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