James Alexander dies of cancer, South African actor and producer cause of death explained


James Alexander dies of cancer, South African actor and producer cause of death explained

James Alexander, a star of “Binnelanders,” passes away after a covert cancer battle. Actress Anel Alexander confirmed early Saturday morning that her actor husband, James Alexander, had died. Keep scrolling to know more about his passing and his life journey.

James Alexander passed away after a cancer battle

James Alexander, often known as James Gracie, was an actor and producer from South Africa. He was 45. In January 2019, Alexander received a cancer diagnosis; however, he and his wife, Anele, chose to keep it a secret.

Anel posted a lengthy message on Facebook on Saturday to confirm the passing of her spouse.

To say my heart is broken would not do justice to the 22 years we spent together. This year I’ve crossed a rubicon: I’ve spent more of my life with you, than without. I can not imagine having to do life without you by my side.

You were my first love, my best friend, my work-buddy, travel-buddy, there’s-something-in-your-teeth-buddy. The first person to break my heart and then mend it again. The only person to witness me, all of me: the good, the bad, the pajamas….You were magic, a unicorn, and everybody knew it. You loved people and they loved you.

And oh, how you made us laugh! You haven’t just fought a good fight, my baby, you fought the best fight. I have never witnessed anybody endure the amount of physical pain and losses and disappointments you have had to over the last 5 years and do it with such grace and integrity, whilst all the time fiercely believing and surrendering to God’s plan.

You finished the race well, the suffering is over. Now Rest In Peace, my Jamie. Cancer might have won the battle for your body, but your soul was never beaten. I will always love you xxx

(James was diagnosed with head an neck cancer in Jan 2019. It was his wish to keep his fight private until he was ready to share it. He was unfortunately not granted that opportunity, but his legacy will live on, as one does not go through the fire unchanged.)

About James Alexander

James was born on January 8th, 1978 in Boksburg to Scottish immigrants and spent his formative years in Pretoria. While performing in an amateur musical play at the State Theatre in 2000, he met his future wife, Anel.

The name of the very first play that James and Anel created and performed together inspired them to found their production business, Scramble Productions.

With films like “Discreet,” “Semi-Soet,” and the critically acclaimed “Sink,” they were pioneers in South Africa’s independent cinema industry while residing and working in Johannesburg.

James put a lot of effort into honing his acting and voice-over abilities because he firmly believed in the power of storytelling. He collaborated on films with actors like Keanu Reeves, Benedict Cumberbatch, Claire Danes, Daniel Radcliffe, and others during his lengthy career.

Locally, he will be remembered for some of the highlights of his work on Binnelanders, The Wild, and Trackers. In movies and stage performances like Bash and Doubt, James’ characters were powerfully brought to life by his voice acting, for which he received multiple Cannes Lions awards.

James will be remembered for elevating the art of friendship, for his infectious laugh and fantastic sense of humor, for his dedication to his family, and for his unwavering faith.

Anel was right when he said, “James was a unicorn… one of a kind, the very best human I have ever known.” All who had the privilege of knowing James and were tremendously touched by him would concur.

James is survived by his wife Anel, his parents Elsie and Jim, and his sister Claire. He will be greatly missed.

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Ralf Schmitt said,

I will never forget Anel and James Alexander proudly waving a South African flag from the Dolby Theatre balcony during our performances at AGT in Los Angeles. Their infectious pride and joy galvanized us all. South African art has lost a giant. Rest well, James. Heartfelt thoughts are with Anel, Wion, Judith, and the rest of the family. Sending love to you all.

Karin Van Der Laag said,

Oh, James. I shouted and cried when I read about your passing just now. Not you, James. I am so sorry I didn’t know and couldn’t say goodbye. You made me so happy always. Thank you for all the jokes, and the laughter, for being such a gentleman. I hope your spirit is free and happy and flying! I will miss you til we meet again. Thank you for everything! See you on the other side. RIP James Alexander.

Ina Herselman said,

The versatile South African actor and producer James Alexander, also known as James Gracie, has died after losing his battle on Friday with head and neck cancer. He was 45. Alexander was diagnosed with cancer in January 2019, but he and his wife, Anel decided to keep it private.


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