Missing: What happened to Nicola Bulley? Know everything about the 45 year-old Lancashire Mother

Missing: What happened to Nicola Bulley? Know everything about the 45 year-old Lancashire Mother

Nicola Bulley, 45, from Inskip, Lancashire, disappeared last Friday morning near a river. Let’s see more details about Nicola Bulley and Know everything about the 45-year-old Lancashire Mother.

What happened to Nicola Bulley?

The search to find a mother-of-two who went missing while walking her dog is continuing.

She had just dropped her two daughters, aged six and nine, at school and was walking her dog along the River Wye in the village of St Michael’s on Wyre when she went missing. A shop owner who raised the alarm about Bulley said she came across the mom-of-two’s “worried” dog by the side of a river.

Her partner, Paul Ansell, said Bulley – who is also known as Nikki – has “two little girls that need their mummy home”. On Tuesday, police said they had identified a potential witness, a man aged about 70, while it emerged on Wednesday that an old abandoned warehouse was being searched.

Later in the day, the police said they had identified the key witness and is being spoken to.

Investigation Report As per the source


Friday 27 January

On Friday morning, Bulley disappeared while walking her dog. She was last seen in St. Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, along a towpath near the River Wyre. On a nearby bench, her mobile phone was discovered. When it was found, according to police, it was still connected to a conference call. About an hour after she disappeared, her dog Willow, a springer spaniel, was discovered wandering about between the river and a bench.

January 28 and 29

Over the weekend, searches were conducted by Lancashire Police with assistance from the Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue team, the North West Underwater Search Team, a helicopter, drones, and police dogs. Local community members also organized search efforts across the St Michael’s area. Ms. Bulley’s partner said he spent all of Sunday searching for her.

January 30

Police said they are keeping an “open mind” about what happened but do not believe Bulley was attacked. In a press conference on Monday, Superintendent Sally Riley from Lancashire Police said fears for Bulley are growing as time passes. She said: “The police are keeping an open mind about what could have happened but we do believe that the likelihood is that Nicola has gone missing and this is not a criminal inquiry.


February 1

Earlier police had said the man, who was walking a small white fluffy dog on a lead, had spoken to a woman in the area who found Bulley’s dog before he walked in the direction of Rowan water. In a statement on Tuesday, her family said: “We have been overwhelmed by the support from our community and would like to thank everyone for their ongoing efforts to help us find Nicola.

The girls are desperate for their mother to return home to be with them, and your continued efforts have given them solace while we wait for Nicola’s status updates. “We encourage anyone who believes they may know anything that could assist the police in finding Nicola to please come forward and assist them with their inquiries,” the statement reads.

A huge abandoned house’s grounds as well as a four-mile river and forested area were being explored, according to Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue’s Kev Camplin on Wednesday. Bulley’s friend Heather Gibbons said to Sky News on Wednesday that finding her for her daughters and for Paul is all that matters. “You go from being hopeful to heartbroken, and you’re just trying to be strong,” Gibbons said.

 February 2

The person who reported Bulley after seeing the mother-of-“worried” two’s dog near the riverside expressed her hope that nothing “terrible” had happened to her.

The store owner, who declined to provide his name, also discovered Bulley’s cell phone on a seat by the river, underneath a tree that had a notice pinned to it warning of deep water. I saw the dog and I knew it was that dog, but I quickly lost track of whose dog it was, the woman claimed. I went to look because there was a phone on the bench and something between it and the water, and it turned out to be a dog leash.

“Some People know of her and her partner because when we walk around the river a lot to pass the time. “we always say morning to them or comment on how it’s a lovely day but that’s all. “It’s just awful, we hope to God that it’s not a bad outcome.”

Missing: What happened to Nicola Bulley? Know everything about the 45 year-old Lancashire Mother
A missing person notice attached to a gate in St Michael’s on Wyre

Nicolo Bulley’s family statement

In a statement, Bulley’s family said: “We have been overwhelmed by the support from our community and would like to thank everyone for their ongoing efforts to help us find Nicola.” One of Bulley’s friends, Emma White told Sky News:

“We only want her to come home. If anyone has any information, please come forward because we have two little children who are looking for their mother.
She said Paul was “being as strong as possible” for the couple’s two kids and added that Bulley was “the sweetest, most gorgeous, lovely human being inside and out.”

Bulley is characterized as being white, 5 feet 3 inches tall, and having shoulder-length light brown hair. She speaks with an Essex accent, the police said. She was sporting a long, hooded black gilet jacket, black pants, and olive-green ankle wellington boots when she vanished. Nicolo had a ponytail in her hair.

How to help

Police have appealed for anyone who was on or near the towpath or people who may have been driving through the village of St Michael’s last Friday morning at about 9.15 am – or who may have dash cam footage that could be of use – to come forward.

They can ring 101 or if they have a sighting of Bulley, 999.

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