Missing: What happened to James Nix? Know more about the 46 year-old Toledo man

James Nix, 46, has reportedly been missing for a number of weeks, and Toledo police are searching for him. Let’s see What happened to James Nix in detail.



Toledo Police Department has updated that James Nix has been found safe.

One of his Family members also updated that James Nix is found safe and is with the family,

“We (the FAMILY of James Nix) wanna personally THANK everyone of you who helped us locate my cousin rather it was helpful tips, reported sightings of him or just simply prayed for us. JAMES is ALIVE/WELL & he’s now w/FAMILY, it’s been a rough few years for James but we will see to it that he gets the help he’s needs from here on out NO EXCUSES‼️ its only up from here for James please keep him in your prayers 🙌🏽 he has a ARMY behind him 💪🏽


Missing: What happened to James Nix?

James Nix, a guy who has allegedly been missing for several weeks, is being searched by Toledo Police.

  • James Nix, 46, is 5’7″ tall, 260 pounds, and has multiple tattoos.

According to TPD, Nix’s car was just discovered abandoned on the 2000 block of Ashland. Family relatives of Nix say they are quite worried.

James Nix was working as a bodyguard at club bijou and a few other bars too. He is also a fitness enthusiast and a bodybuilder who participated regularly in gym activities. A few sources say that James Nix passed away, infact he is still missing and Toledo police department is trying to locate him.


Call 911 or Crime Stoppers at 419-255-1111 if you have any information about James’ location.

How do I file a missing person report in Ohio?

Call the local police department where the person was last seen, or dial (800) 325-5604 to reach the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. How do Missing Adult Alerts function? The media outlets are notified by email and fax around the state.

If there is an emergency, dial 911 to have emergency personnel sent to the scene. * If there is no emergency but you still want a police unit to visit the scene, dial 419-255-8443.



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