Missing: Matthew Haas found dead, What happened to the New Berlin man? Explained


Missing: Matthew Haas found dead, What happened to the New Berlin man? Explained

Missing man from New Berlin found dead in Wisconsin Dells. Let’s see Matthew Haas missing case and how the missing person was found dead in detail.

Matthew Haas missing case: Explained


On January 1st, 2023, Matthew G. Haas (37 years old) was reported missing to the Wisconsin Dells Police Department. Matthew was last seen in the downtown Wisconsin Dells area at approximately 12:00 am on January 1st.

Matthew is approximately 5’06” tall, 135 pounds, and has brown hair and blue eyes. Matthew also has two black pencil-sized plug earrings, an octopus tattoo on his upper arm, and a set of Chinese characters tattooed on his forearm.

Matthew was last seen wearing blue jeans, a dark-colored zip-up hooded sweatshirt, and tennis shoes. (See photo) Since the time of reporting, search efforts have been underway in the Wisconsin Dells area.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Matthew or saw or had contact with Matthew in the past 48 hours, please contact Detective Sergeant Brent Brown at the Wisconsin Dells Police Department at (608)-253-1611. Attached is a photo of Matthew on the evening of December 31st, 2022.

– Chief Nicholas Brinker

Matthew Haas was found dead: What happened?

On January 3, Wisconsin Dells police reported that the body of a New Berlin man who had vanished on New Year’s Eve had been discovered in the Wisconsin River.

The 37-year-old Matthew Haas was last heard from around midnight on January 1 in Wisconsin Dells’ downtown. A K-9 and drones were used to search the region where his smartphone last sent a signal on January 1 and January 2. A wooded area with cliffs and ravines was described by police as being along the river.

Police Investigation: Chief Nicholas Brinker’s statement

Tuesday morning saw the search pick back up, and it was then that Haas’ body was discovered at about 10:30 a.m. This is the unfortunate ending that we had not hoped for, the Wisconsin Dells police said, adding that “even though Matthew has been located, this is still an ongoing investigation, and we are still following up on information and leads that we have received.”

Based on the information and evidence that has been collected so far, foul play is not suspected. I stress that even though Matthew has been found, this is still an active investigation, and we are still following up on information and leads that we have received.

This is the tragic outcome that we had not hoped for. We at the Wisconsin Dells Police Department send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Matthew, and we respectfully request that you honor their privacy in these tough times.

People’s condolences to Matthew Haas

Savannah Randall

Was hoping for a better outcome for the family and friends, so incredibly heartbreaking. So sorry for their loss!

Lisa DeWitt

So heartbreaking. But he was found so his Family and Friends may have closure. May God Bless them all and give them peace

Toni Jensen

My condolences to the family, it’s incredibly sad. So many men, especially those that have been drinking are found in bodies of water, especially in the Midwest. I wish these cases would start to be investigated more.

Sarah Ann Seegers

Rest In Peace, Matt. You were one of my best friends. This is heartbreaking news. I urge the police department to not rule out foul play as this was out of his character and feel toxic reports may prove he was drugged. All the events in this investigation don’t add up or make sense. I am glad for some closure. Hope your watching over all of us Matt 

Kimberly Chilstrom

Sarah Ann Seegers dang .even if drugged ..??I just again..keep saying ..so they all just still wander out into cold weather and don’t feel ..it ? I’ve been drunk before I still felt the cold ..and id go back inside .and still go by the river and fall in ..my family member was that George from Stillwater at brians bar. I’m sorry… I still believe foul-smelling play here too ..no way George walked ..without his jacket and gloves in sub-zero -4 more with wind im sure ..and went over 3 miles on foot without going unconscious much sooner ..and dying closer to the bar… I’m just not buying b.s! I just think so many cover-ups. .excuses or corruption ..in many cases ..not all ..but some yes !!

Tara McDonald

My condolences to the family. For the city, as a citizen, how many victims does this bridge have to claim? Why haven’t there been modifications done, to ensure the safety of people? I just can not believe that all of these people magically fall. It is suspicious, to begin with, but after so many tragedies, what efforts will be taken to structure this bridge to be not so easy to fall/ jump from? Too many lives taken in the same suspicious manner.

Shawn Newell

Very unfortunate outcome and condolences to his friends and family. Great work by everyone involved in the search and recovery. Hopefully, his family can have some closure during this difficult time because of your efforts.


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