Missing: Architect Jose Gutierrez including 4 family members found dead in Mexico, What happened to Gutierrez family? Explained


Missing: Architect Jose Gutierrez including 4 family members found dead in Mexico, What happened to Gutierrez family? Explained.

A mass burial was discovered in Mexico, which has cast a shadow over the search for a missing architect and his fiance.  Eerie details are revealed following the discovery of the dead in a mass grave while searching for a missing Architect Jose Gutierrez and his fiancée who disappeared on Christmas.

Missing Architect Jose Gutierrez Case: Explained

There are concerns that four family members who have been missing in Mexico for days may have been abducted. To spend the holidays with his future wife Daniela Márquez, 31, Jose Gutierrez, who resides in Ohio, flew to Zacatecas on December 22.

They were last spotted at a restaurant on Christmas Day, together with her sister Viviana, 26, and cousin Irma Vargas, 27. Rosa Pichardo, Daniela’s mother, had arranged for them to go to her house, but she instead received a bizarre text that appeared to pinpoint Daniela’s whereabouts.

Pichardo informed Azteca TV that Daniela was in the community of Vivoras, which is 20 minutes away from her house. She stated that witnesses had seen the four individuals being taken.

Family’s statement

There was a great deal of terror and shouts, but Pichardo said, “They didn’t get them out, and they took the truck.” Additionally, the SUV the four passengers were riding in was discovered to be abandoned.

Jose’s sister Brandie said she last spoke to him before they left for the restaurant, according to WXIX. “The bars noticed shouts,” she insisted. There is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Daniela and Jose were set to wed in 2023, and Jose frequently traveled to Zacatecas to see her. The FBI and law enforcement have received an urgent request from his frightened family.

According to Brandie, police were prevented from examining certain areas of Zacatecas because it was “too hazardous.” Amid crime and kidnapping, representatives of the US Department of State have encouraged Americans not to visit Zacatecas.

“Violent crime, extortion, and gang activity are common in Zacatecas state,” they warned. “Kidnapping has affected U.S. citizens and [lawful permanent residents].”

Local gangs supported by the powerful Sinaloa and Jalisco drug cartels have been engaged in a vicious, protracted turf war in Zacatecas. According to records, the number of reported homicides in the Mexican state increased by 143.7% between 2020 and 2021. The toll increased from 789 to 1134 in a year. The state government has drafted in more than 3,000 troops in a bid to maintain law and order.

What happened to the Gutierrez family?

In the state of Zacatecas in central Mexico, a mass burial including the remains of an Ohio architect who went missing, his fiancée, her sister, and another family member was discovered.

The families revealed to local media on Thursday that José Gutiérrez, 36, his fiancée Daniela Márquez, 31, her sister Viviana Márquez, 26, and cousin Irma Vargas, 27, were discovered at a ranch in the municipality of Tepetongo.

A family member posted on Facebook, “I may not have been prepared for many things, but this is the one I was least prepared for.”
Fly high relatives, shine.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the State Attorney General’s Office of Zacatecas stated that four bodies had been discovered on Tuesday, one day after the National Guard had discovered two vehicles, one of which belonged to the missing group.

Architect Jose Gutierrez including 4 family members found dead in Mexico

According to reports, Mexican authorities have found four remains next to the car that an Ohio man who vanished in December while visiting his fiancée in Mexico was last seen driving.

As per WLWT-TV, the car that Cincinnati-area architect Jose Gutierrez, 36, was last seen traveling in with three other individuals had been found in the Mexican state of Zacatecas with bullet wounds and flat tires.

The publication also stated that tests are being conducted to identify the four remains that were found buried close to the vehicle according to the attorney general for the state of Zacatecas.

Along with his fiancée Viviana Pichardo, her sister, and her cousin, who went to supper that night and haven’t been seen since Gutierrez has been gone since Christmas Day.

Before their 2023 wedding, Gutierrez was visiting his fiancée for the holidays in Mexico, a trip his family claims he frequently did. On Christmas Day, the foursome headed to a pub. When they didn’t come back, WCPO-TV said that Pichardo’s family got in touch with them and got a text message back with an address.

The four were never seen or heard from again. When Pichardo’s mother attempted to visit that address, she was blocked by authorities who claimed the area was too hazardous to enter.

The Zacatecas region is currently under a “Do Not Travel” warning from the U.S. State Department “because of crime and kidnapping.” According to the website of the Department of State, “Violent crime, extortion, and gang activity are widespread in Zacatecas state.” “Kidnapping has affected U.S. citizens and LPRs [lawful permanent residents].”

Press Statement

The General Prosecutor’s Office reports progress on the investigation into the disappearance of the young people
On the afternoon of Monday, January 16, National Guard personnel discovered two vehicles and a human body in a skeletal reduction in the community of el Ciudad, in el tepetongo.After processing the evidence, the expert personnel confirmed that it was the vehicle in which the 4 young people were traveling and that the human body in skeletal reduction corresponds to a man between 20 and 35 years of age who has not yet been identified.On Tuesday the 17th of January, an investigative and expert person with the support of the federal forces, carried out a field search in the area where the vehicle was found to gather more details or indications that lead to the location of the victims. It was in the Rancho Monte del la Presa Vieja, a community of El Cuidado, in Tepetongo, where an irregular burial zone was located, locating different indications that were collected and are already under study in the different expert areas for their determination.The preliminary analysis of forensic anthropology shows that there may be at least 4 different victims, 3 female, and 1 male, for the moment they continue as unidentified since it would be necessary to carry out a confrontation of genetic profiles to determine their identity by the condition in which these human bodies were located in skeletal reduction.The progress of the investigation which may be public will be informed at the appropriate procedural moment through institutional channels, observing the sigil that is required to guarantee the success of the investigations and, above all, guaranteeing the protection of the rights of the victims. by the provisions of public order and general observance applicable to the case.



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