Missing: Who is Hamzah Alsaudi? What Happened to the SF State Student-athlete disappeared in Pacific Coast

Missing: Who is Hamzah Alsaudi? What Happened to the SF State Student-athlete disappeared in Pacific Coast

Hamzah Alsaudi, an SF State student-athlete is reported missing at the Pacific Coast. Let’s see more details about what happened to Hamzah whether he was identified.

Who is Hamzah Alsaudi? What happened to him?

The missing man is a San Francisco State University student, the university acknowledged. Friends identified the man as Hamzah Alsaudi, 22, a senior at SF State and a member of their wrestling team. They said they were saddened and shocked. They said the student-athlete disappeared on a trip to the beach with two teammates. His Friends said the morning trip entailed what they called a ‘polar plunge,’ when someone goes into cold water.

They said Alsaudi was swept away by a large wave and was not a strong swimmer. Callum Bisping said Alsaudi was a well-loved teammate and friend. 

News spread among teammates and friends

News spread among teammates and friends. They arrived at the beach, huddling together. Some ventured out into the water. “I walked up on a terrible scene.” Neighbor Diana Compin said she brought flowers to the scene to offer comfort to Alsaudi’s loved ones. She said during her morning walk, she came across Alsaudi’s two friends right after he went missing.

They appeared distraught. One of them said they tried to search for Alsaudi and couldn’t find him after he was swept out to the ocean. “I think he was shaking so bad because of what was going on, not because it was cold,” Compton said. “He said I have to call his parents, but, ‘I don’t want to tell him that he’s dead, because I don’t know if he is’. This poor kid was just not together.”

A Caution sign at the Beach

A sign at Manor Beach on Esplanade Avenue prominently displays a warning sign for the recurring rip currents in the area. A search for the missing swimmer was conducted in the water and from the air. The Coast Guard does not plan to resume their search in the morning.

The weather service has also issued a beach hazard statement that will be in place from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon for the enhanced risk of sneaker waves, which are waves appearing without warning, as well as strong rip currents.

Where and how were the search measures was taken?

The U.S. Coast Guard has searched for Alsaudi with aircraft and a surface vessel, as well as California State Park lifeguards, a California Highway Patrol air unit, and a San Bruno police drone. Pacifica Acting Chief of Police Christopher Clements said no further information was available.

The National Weather Service issued a coastal hazard alert for the risk of king tides, a non-scientific term used to describe exceptionally high tides as Earth interacts with the gravitational pull of the moon and sun, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The alert is for the North Bay coast south to the Big Sur coast and will be in place until Monday afternoon.

Alsaudi entered the ocean with two men

Alsaudi had entered the ocean with two other men at about 10:30 a.m. when a large breaker swept him out to sea. His two companions managed to swim ashore and called 911, prompting police and firefighters to scour the area and nearby coastal waters, officials said.

As of Friday afternoon, Alsaudi was still missing. A spokesperson for the U.S. Coast Guard, which had assisted the effort on Thursday, said the agency “was no longer needed,” though a dispatcher at the Pacifica Police Department said the investigation remains open.

Is Hamzah Alsaudi was identified?

The U.S. Coast Guard called off its search for a man who went missing in the ocean off the coast of Pacifica on Thursday.

Pacifica police said officers and emergency personnel responded at 10:30 a.m. Thursday to reports of a swimmer in distress at Esplanade Beach. Police identified the swimmer who disappeared near Esplanade Beach. The men had gone into the ocean when one of them was hit by a large wave and pulled farther away from shore, police said. The two others then called 911 for help.

The university confirmed his identity Friday. Alsaudi, 22, is a sophomore and member of the SFSU Gators wrestling team from Santa Monica. He is described as 6’1″ tall, 215 lbs. with brown hair, and last seen wearing black shorts. 

SF State released an Official Message

“Our hearts go out to the family, friends, and classmates of beloved student and athlete Hamzah Alsaudi who remains missing following yesterday’s tragic accident,” the university said. “We are grateful to the Coast Guard and the Pacifica Police Department for all they have done. Campus resources are available for the members of our community who need assistance during this difficult time.”

The San Francisco State Twitter account also posted a message about Alsaudi.


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