Tragic loss: Fourth-grade student Peyton Tyler dies in Topeka house fire, What happened? Explained

Peyton Tyler
Peyton Tyler killed in an fire accident

Two children and one adult died in a morning fire in central Topeka on Friday. Let’s see more details about how did Peyton Tyler die and the Topeka house fire and what happened in detail.

How did Peyton Tyler die?

Around five in the morning, according to the Topeka Fire Dept., workers went to 916 SW Warren Ave.

When they arrived, they discovered that the two-story house was engulfed in thick smoke and flames. Unluckily, the fire also reached a residence south of the one where it started.

There were four persons living there when the fire started. As soon as an adult and child were removed from the building, rescuers started saving their lives.

The youngster was later confirmed dead at the hospital after both were taken there in a hurry.

A second adult and child were reportedly discovered inside the house unconscious and later confirmed dead at the scene.

Topeka house fire accident:

Fire broke out in the 916 SW, Warren Avenue on Friday morning. Three people were killed in the incident.

Public Topeka Schools confirmed that the child killed was Peyton Tyler, a fourth-grader at Lowman Hill Elementary.

TPS sent a letter to the parents and the message reads,

“It is with tremendous sadness that we share Peyton Tyler, a fourth-grade student at Lowman Hill, who passed away this morning as a result of a fire at her home. Peyton has attended Lowman Hill since first grade. Peyton was a student that had many friends and she is known for her positivity and her joyful spirit. She was loved by many and will be missed by all of the Lowman Hill students and staff.”

“The family contacted the school this morning and a mental health team was in place today at Lowman Hill to ensure students received support and resources before they start their weekend. Our mental health crisis team will remain in place at the school throughout next week.”

“When we receive more information on memorial services, we will inform staff and families. Please keep the family uplifted in your thoughts and prayers.”

No other information about the victims are not yet revealed yet. Police are still investigating the incident. The cause of fire is still under investigation.


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