Missing: Alyssa Itchue found partially buried, What happened to the 28 year old Detroit woman?


Missing: Alyssa Itchue found partially buried, What happened to the 28 year old Detroit woman?

The Wayne County Medical Examiner says it has confirmed the identity of a woman who was found after a DTE discovered her hand sticking out of a shallow grave last week. Alyssa Itchue has been identified as the woman whose body was found by a utility worker in Hildale near Outer Drive and Van Dyke. Let’s find out What happened to the 28-year-old Detroit woman and the mystery death case in detail.


Alyssa Itchue found partially buried

A body discovered partially buried last week in east Detroit has been recognized by authorities. The remains were identified as those of Alyssa Itchue by the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office, a spokeswoman said on Monday, according to The Detroit News.

The reason for death was not disclosed, among other things. The Detroit Police Department reported the 28-year-old Itchue missing in November. The letter stated that Alyssa’s mother had last spoken to her on September 20 and had not been able to get in touch with her since.

She reportedly frequents the east side of the city. According to a GoFundMe page, a family friend started last weekend to assist with funeral expenses, Itchue had left a rehabilitation facility.

According to authorities, the body was discovered on Wednesday in a small grave close to a house in the 8000 block of Hildale. How long the remains had been there was unclear. A request for comment on the probe made Monday night was not immediately answered by Detroit police. The $5,000 GoFundMe target has been exceeded by more than $1,300 thanks to donations.

How was her body discovered?

On Detroit’s east side, a DTE employee discovered the horrifying discovery of a woman’s hand poking out of the dirt after she had been buried in a shallow grave last week.

Authorities on Monday were able to identify that woman, however, they do not yet know how she got there. Nearly four months after her last sighting, Alyssa Itchue, 28, was discovered by a utility worker in Hildale near Outer Drive and Van Dyke on Wednesday.

Family seeking answers for her daughter’s death

Her grieving family is eager to learn what happened to the young woman and is in a great deal of pain. As she struggles to make sense of what happened, her mother, Sonia Smith, spoke with FOX 2’s Jessica Dupnack.

After learning that her daughter’s body was discovered last week behind an abandoned house, she claimed to be feeling numb. A utility worker saw her hand poking out of the dirt among the trash and overgrown vegetation. Smith stated, “I can’t believe we are here, burying my first kid in this manner. “I was sure it was her. My instinct told me it was her.”

 Alyssa’s mother is devastated

Her suspicions were supported by fingerprints: her 28-year-old, who had just finished rehab, had been hooked to heroin for about three years. Smith had hope that her daughter will soon change her life. “She claimed to be ready for sobriety and to be sick of life.
I, therefore, had high hopes that this was it “said Smith.

Itchue returned to the streets after being discharged from rehab. She had nothing else, not even a phone, according to Smith. “She simply had the clothes on her back.”

She stated she looked for her daughter and friends, and up until November when Detroit Police published a missing person’s flyer, sightings had been recorded. Smith said that she is unaware of her daughter’s recent activities.

“I’ve been making an effort not to consider her actions. Doing all in her power to obtain the medications and remain alive, “Added Smith. April Gentilcore, a friend of Smith’s who lost her daughter unexpectedly five years ago, is aware of the struggles Smith is facing and has created a fundraising website to assist the family with burial expenses.

She remarked, “I had to pull out my entire retirement to pay my daughter’s burial expenses. Although Smith doesn’t know how her daughter ended up in that shallow hole, she is preparing a suitable burial for her. But she is aware that someone is aware of what took place.

“Even if it was an OD, she was interred by someone. A person buried her “She spoke. It has not yet been determined what caused the death. That might take up to 8 weeks, according to the Wayne County Medical Examiner. James White, the chief of the Detroit Police Department, stated that they hope to identify the cause of death within the next week or two.


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