Maura McCarthy died: Recycled Percussion mourns the loss of Goffstown teenager

Maura McCarthy

Maura McCarthy, a 21-year-old girl from Goffstown passed away. Let’s see how did Goffstown teenager die and Maura McCarthy cause of death in detail.

How did Maura McCarthy die?

Maura McCarthy died on 21 November 2022. Maura McCarthy’s death news was announced by Recycled Percussion’s Facebook page and the message reads,

“Rest In Peace my sweet angel. Several years ago. I was honored to take Maura to her prom. We had the best night, we danced, laughed and she even fell asleep in my car on the way TO prom and I always thought that was so funny. She attended just about every event and tour we have had since. Last night she passed away and I’m sending all the love I can to her mother Pamela and their entire family. Love you Maura, you are an angel.”

Maura McCarthy cause of death

Maura McCarthy was born with a rare chromosomal disorder. McCarthy is confined to a wheelchair due to the chromosomal abnormality. She is unable to walk or talk.

Maura’s memorable prom in 2017:

Recycled Percussion frontman took Goffstown teenager, Maura McCarthy to prom on May 13, 2017. Maura McCarthy participated in all the high school-girl-deserving events, including the glamour, the limelight, and the lifelong memories. They are moments that McCarthy’s family worried would never happen.

Maura’s mother, Pamela Taber-McCarthy, remarked, “When you have a child like Maura, your hopes and dreams of prom, graduation, wedding, children, are gone”

But those dreams of a memorable prom night have come true. Justin Spencer, the lead singer of Recycled Percussion, asked Maura out on a date.

Maura’s dream:

“For Justin to take her to prom and give her this dream and give us this dream is incredible,” Taber-McCarthy said.

To fulfil a pledge, Spencer travelled from Las Vegas to his home state by plane. Spencer said, “Maura’s always at our shows and she’s just a big fan, a friend and someone who just over a year ago I promised the family I’d take her to prom and today we’re making good on that promise and we’re going to have a heck of a time,”

In keeping with the sports car he picked her up in, Justin and Maura both wore red clothing. It was brought in from Las Vegas by Justin.

“She will simply shine the entire night, and having all of her friends around her will only enhance her experience, according to Maura McCarthy’s father Ricky McCarthy.

The two made a grand entrance to the prom at the Radisson in Manchester. It was an unforgettable rite of passage for a teenage girl, according to Maura.

McCarthy declared, “This is going to be one to cherish.”

It was a promise fulfilled for Justin.

“She’s as beautiful as they come and I’m very fortunate to spend an evening with someone who’s so special and so happy and so caring and I couldn’t ask for a better date.”

Tributes to Maura McCarthy

Lynda Jean Germain-Paul posted,

Precious Angel sending thoughts and prayers to her family God Bless.

Krys Anderson commented,

Maura will always be apart of our legacy x family and the chaos and kindness family. She was brought to heaven from our friends who we lost along the way… Ashley Boie, Roy, and Mark Remillard.

Nadine Delano commented,

Aaawwww, may may she rest in peace now. She flies among all the other beautiful angels in a beautiful place. You made such a beautiful memory with her! Justin is a beautiful soul! My thoughts and prayers will be with you and with her family and friends over these next few weeks as you move forward in life without her in daily life. Please know she is now safe and free from this world here as things change daily. She is flying above with her new beautiful wings watching over you all.

Oh and Justin. Come on Bud, are you that boring on a date that you put your dates to sleep? LOL.

Courtney P Sarantis commented,

Oh my goodness I’m so sad to hear she passed may she rest in peace my thoughts r with u her family and friends u made her night that night taking her to prom.

Michelle Luebkert commented,

Sending thoughts and prayer to all that knew her especially her family.


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