How did Nomboleko Simayile die? EC mother who killed her 4 kids cause of death Explained



How did Nomboleko Simayile die? EC mother who killed her 4 kids cause of death Explained

Eastern Cape Woman Dies in Police Possession for Supposedly Killing 4 Children; SA Demands Answers. Let’s see How did Nomboleko Simayile die, the EC mother who killed her 4 kids cause of death.

Case Keypoints

  • While in police prison, a 32-year-old lady from the Eastern Cape who was accused of killing her four small children passed away.
  • When Nomboleko Simayile was brought to a hospital and later passed away, she informed authorities that she was feeling unwell.
  • Many South Africans now have more questions about the children’s horrific murders after the death.

Nomboleko Simayile died suddenly

EASTERN CAPE – There are concerns following the death of a woman from the Eastern Cape who is accused of killing her four children. When Nomboleko Simayile passed away on Sunday, November 20, she was being held by the police.

Captain Siphokazi Mawisa, a police spokesperson, said Simayile informed officers that she wasn’t feeling well but could not provide a reason. The woman died after being taken to a hospital for emergency care.

TimesLIVE reports that the cause of her passing has not yet been determined. However, the Independent Police Investigative Directorate is looking into an inquest (IPID).

The 32-year-old lady is suspected of killing her children in Engcobo by sledgehammering them to death. She allegedly confessed to her father after that, leading to her imprisonment.

Simayile was charged with murder in Engcobo Magistrate court, according to Kinana, but the case was continued until November 29 in order to hold a proper bail hearing.

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate has registered an inquest docket for investigation, Kinana continued. According to the National Prosecuting Authority, the 32-year-old lady was scheduled to appear in court last week but became ill while being held there.

Considering Simayile to be mentally capable of standing trial at the moment, the State intended to transfer her for medical observation.


Nomboleko Simayile killed her kids: Explained

A three-roomed concrete building and two mud rondavels make up the average village house. This home in the Ngcobo, Eastern Cape community of Tsalaba is ordinary.

The four kids that called it home would be occupying the yard on any other day, getting ready to leave for school.

The children, who ranged in age from two to eleven, were killed by their mother with a hammer while they were sleeping, according to news reports that reached the neighborhood on Wednesday, November 9.

Nomboleko Simayile is charged

The 32-year-old Nomboleko Simayile is charged with murdering her kids. It had been about two months since she had moved home with her folks.

William Ndzena, a neighbor, claims that when he was summoned to rush over to the Simayile family, nothing could have prepared him for what he saw.

He had grown fond of the four dead bodies of the young kids since they interacted with his grandchild and called him tamkhulu (grandfather).

The 65-year-old guy said, “They were still under the blankets.” “Blood was everywhere. I had never seen anything like it before.

I was unable to look closely because I was in a wheelchair (what happened here is an abomination). Her parents were sobbing when I got here, and she was sobbing into her hands while sitting on a bunk stoel.

“I made urgent calls to the ward councilor and the neighborhood chief. For the police to arrive here promptly, I instructed the ward councilor to go to the charge office. I then returned to the rondavel.

“There was blood all over, and from what I could tell, it appeared that she started with the elder children because if she hadn’t, they would have screamed out for assistance. “The five-year-old child wasn’t covered like his brothers, so it appears that he tried to flee.

He was a little bit away from the covers, but it appears that they were all sleeping on their sides when she struck them behind the ears. However, it appears that they were all struck in the same general area. According to William, the family is impoverished; they cook and sleep on the floor.

Who is Nomboleko Simayile?

Nomboleko married into a Ngcobo household. However, she resided in Cape Town for a considerable amount of time with her husband. Before getting married, she had the first two of her children and the last two with her husband.

William continues, “Her father claims that everything was good when they went to bed the night before, and nobody could have predicted that she would carry out such an atrocity. Police didn’t show up at the house for an hour. Just after 1 pm, the forensic team from Mthatha came.

“We just sealed the rondavel’s bottom entrance, and when the police showed up, they taped off the area and took pictures.

“Following our culture and belief system, the family was then permitted to re-enter and talk to the children’s bodies once the forensics experts had finished. The bodies were removed following a brief prayer. In the Ngcobo Magistrate’s Court, Nomboleko made a brief appearance about four murder charges.

A formal bail application was quickly postponed to November 17. According to Luxolo Tyali, a spokesman for the Eastern Cape National Prosecuting Authority, the state will fight bail.



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