Who are Matthew Ethington and Maria Martin? Detroit police officers found dead after self inflicted gunshots, what happened? Explained


 Who are Matthew Ethington and Maria Martin? Detroit police officers found dead after self inflicted gunshots, what happened? Explained

Two Detroit police officers found dead inside a home: Friends, family, and colleagues grieving the shocking and sudden loss of two Detroit police officers found deceased from gunshot wounds.

“Maria Martin, 22, and Matthew Ethington II, 26, were found dead Sunday at home in the 16000 block of Farmington Road in Livonia.”

According to the chief, the Detroit cops who died in a murder-suicide were “excellent officers.” Let’s find out Who are Matthew Ethington and Maria Martin are and why they attempt suicide in detail.

In this story, suicide is described. Please call the National Suicide Prevention Helpline at 988 or 1-800-273-TALK if you or someone you know is going through a mental health crisis (8255).

Detroit Police officers Murder-suicide: Explained

MICH LIVONIA — Officers Maria Martin and Matthew Ethington II perished in an incident that authorities are describing as a murder-suicide.  Two Detroit Police Department officers were found shot to death on Sunday at the Belle Creek Square townhouses in the 16000 block of Farmington Road in Livonia.

The deaths are being looked into by Michigan police. Authorities from law enforcement say it looks like a murder-suicide occurred at the scene. The Livonia Police Department announced that the bodies of a 22-year-old lady and a 26-year-old male were discovered at the home.

What happened?

According to WXYZ, the police department named the guy Matthew Ethington II and the lady Detroit Police Officer Maria Martin on Monday.

According to investigators, Ethington only suffered a single gunshot wound that appeared to have been self-inflicted while Martin was wounded many times. There was a baby in the house as well. The kid was unharmed, and he or she is currently in the care of another relative.

At about 12:30 on Sunday, Livonia police were contacted to perform a wellness check at the home. The bodies were found by the responding officers. The apparent murder-suicide, according to officials, is thought to be connected to a marital quarrel.

Who are Matthew Ethington and Maria Martin?

According to the police, the policemen have only been on the force for a short time. As per sources, Ethington killed Martin and then committed himself after a recent split. There were reportedly some domestic problems between them, but nothing that would indicate a murder-suicide would occur.

A 1-year-old was present at the time, and the couple also had two other children together. No harm came to that child. “This case demonstrates that police officers are regular humans who have difficulties and require treatment like anyone else,” White added.

“Emotional healing will take place for all the kids. which they must manage. Someone needs to explain what happened to them because they are now without a mother or father.

According to White, the department is examining the lessons that can be drawn from this tragedy. He stated, “We’ll definitely look internally at everything we can do to assist our officers who may find themselves in a domestic scenario.”

Cause of Murder-Suicide:

The murder-suicide was thought to have been motivated by a domestic dispute, according to ABC station WXYZ. No other information concerning the events preceding the deaths has been made public.

Officer Maria Martin (22) (Credit-Fb)


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