Mark Christopher Wagner II, Wintergreen police officer shot & killed in the line of duty, know everything about the incident


Mark Christopher Wagner II, Wintergreen police officer shot & killed.

Officer Chris Wagner 31-year-old died while on duty Friday night. (Image: VirginiaStatePolice)

In response to a report of two men being assaulted, a Wintergreen Police Department officer was shot and murdered last night, according to Virginia State Police.

Mark Christopher Wagner II, also known as “Chris,” was a committed officer who proudly served the Wintergreen region. The violence against the men and women of law enforcement is an attack on the foundation of our communities and a stain on society.

Medico Topics extends its condolences and prayers to the family and fellow officers of Wintergreen Police Department Officer M. Christopher Wagner. Keep reading to know more about Mark Christopher Wagner II death.

Wintergreen police officer shot dead 

WINTERGREEN —The officer who was shot and killed in a shooting in Wintergreen, Virginia, late on Friday night, has been named by the Virginia State Police (VSP).

Officer Mark Christopher ‘Chris’ Wagner is the name of the deceased officer. Officer Wagner started working for the Wintergreen Police Department in 2020, according to their records.

According to a press release from the Virginia State Police, a Wintergreen police officer was fatally shot on Friday night after responding to a call reporting an attack at the Wintergreen Resort.

Along with the shooting suspect, three additional individuals suffered injuries in the event. A press release revealed that shortly after 10 p.m. on Friday, the Wintergreen Police Department received a call reporting that an adult male had attacked two other adult males at a property on Arrowood Lane.

The two injured persons left the house on foot after dialing 911 and alerting the police. According to the police, both patients are receiving non-life-threatening medical care at UVA Medical Centre.

What happened to Mark Christopher Wagner II?

As per the Virginia State Police statement, who are looking into the event at the request of the Wintergreen Police Department, it appears that the adult male suspect was found in the surrounding woods.

Moreover, it happens when the first Wintergreen Police Officer arrived at the property, and a struggle followed. According to officials, the cop was shot during the altercation and died there.

Virginia State Police release:

“At the request of Wintergreen Police Chief Dennis Russell, the Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s Appomattox Field Office is investigating the circumstances of an incident that resulted in the fatal shooting of a Wintergreen Police Officer and the injury of three others Friday night (June 16).

Who is the suspect?

As per the press release, Wintergreen Police and the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office successfully apprehended the male suspect.

Therefore, the male suspect was sent to UVA Medical Centre for treatment even though his injury was not life-threatening. At the site in the woods, a firearm that belonged to the officer’s employer was discovered.

Since the suspect’s identity has not been made public, it is currently uncertain if any charges have been brought. Also, the announcement stated that the inquiry is still ongoing. Check back later for new updates on this developing story.

Who was Mark Christopher Wagner II?

Mark Chris Wagner II was a committed officer who proudly served the Wintergreen neighborhood. Chris answered his final call on June 16, 2023.

And he gave his life in order to safeguard and serve the people he vowed to protect and serve, thus joining those heroes who have come before him in heaven.

Chris, a resident of Stuarts Draught, was 31 years old, a 2010 Spotswood High School graduate, and a Stuarts Draught inhabitant.

The people that made up Chris’ immediate family as well as the members of the Wintergreen Police Department are his survivors.

In August 2020, Chris began working at Wintergreen. Prior to this, he spent seven years working for the Massanutten Police Department, first as a gate attendant.

And then, after completing the Central Shenandoah Criminal Justice Academy in May 2019, as a police officer. Chris requested the midnight shift and worked it.

Dennis Russell, Chief of Police wrote this with a heavy heart about Wagner

When Chris was outside in the sunlight, he always donned a pair of dark sunglasses and smiled sometimes. Chris was committed to his work and always ready, willing, and able to perform additional duties as needed. He clearly loved the badge, and his dedication to the neighborhood was unmistakable.

He was an avid outdoorsman, spending his off-time hiking and photographing nature. Chris is remembered for always going out of his way to cheer others up and his infectious laugh was loud and echoed throughout the office.

Chris was the Agency’s TASER and BolaWrap instructor. His father, holding back tearful emotions, remarked that he was like Batman and was reminded of recently gifting him a Batarang to go with all the tools Chris carried on his belt. Chris Wagner, Wintergreen Police Officer ID #15, was and always will be a hero. A contribution page will be announced. 


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