Land park shooting in Sacramento: What happened? Explained


Land park shooting in Sacramento: What happened? Explained


According to authorities, a man was shot and killed in Sacramento’s Land Park neighborhood. Let’s look at the Land Park shooting in Sacramento and what happened in detail.


SACRAMENTO Calif- Following a gunshot Friday afternoon in Sacramento’s Land Park neighborhood, authorities reported the death of a man. According to the Sacramento Police Department, police responded to a call reporting a shooting near the 4100 block of 23rd Street. 

A 37-year-old male who had been shot at least once was discovered there. As per authorities, the man’s friends drove him to the 76 gas station near Del Rio and Sutterville roads. 



The victim was taken there by an ambulance, which later transported him to a hospital where he succumbed to his wounds. Police activity is shown in LiveCopter 3 video at a 76 gas station at the intersection of Del Rio and Sutterville roads. 

Right by a black car parked at the petrol station, officers could be seen.  Officers were earlier spotted attending to the victim.

Police initially reported the man’s injuries as “serious non-life threatening,” but they later informed KCRA 3 that the victim had passed away. The events that preceded the shooting are unknown. 

There have been no arrests to date, and no suspect information has been made public. In the neighborhood, there is no influence on traffic.

This story is still developing. Keep checking Medico Topics for further updates.



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