David Irwin death: Lance Stewart’s sister Sabrina Nicole husband dies from heart attack, days after Julian died

Sabrina Nichole's husband, David Irwin
Sabrina Nichole’s husband, David Irwin dies of heart attack


PA Philadelphia Lance Stewart, a popular YouTuber, recently announced the passing of his sister’s husband. Let’s see what happened to Sabrina Nichole’s husband, David Irwin in detail.

How did David Irwin die?

David Robert Irwin, the husband of Sabrina Nichole died on Tuesday, April 18, 2023. Her brother, Lance posted this sad news on his YouTube channel.

Lance disclosed the death of David “Dave” Robert Irwin. Dave was the spouse of fitness model and Body Machine Fitness Coach Sabrina Nicole. 

Dave’s family was in complete grief as two of their members died suddenly. Sabrina and David’s 8 month old son recently passed away. After this heartbreaking incident, Sabrina’s husband died of cardiac arrest.

Following the sudden death of Dave, Sabrina took to her Twitter handle to share how she feels following this devastating news; “My heart is broken” the influencer wrote.

Sabrina Nicole and her husband Dave Irwin -Jersey vibes were a power couple known all over new jersey and beyond. The 28-year-old woman is now heartbroken following the tragic death of her husband and son.

Sabrina said, “My heart is beyond shattered I lost my son Julian on Saturday and then my husband David on Tuesday 3 days apart My heart is forever broken I will never be the same again Dave Irwin.

R.I.P JULIAN ROBERT IRWIN 8.16.22 through 4.15.23

R.I.P DAVID ROBERT IRWIN 11.20.86 through 4.18.23″

What happened to Sabrina Nichole’s husband?

Sabrina Nichole’s husband, David Robert Irwin died just three days after they lost their adorable son Julian Robert. Julian was hospitalized with an unexplained ailment before being declared deceased.

Lance Stewart wrote, My heart breaks every minute of the day for you @xsabrinanicolex on the Twitter post. Rest In Peace Dave & Julian, he added.

Sabrina Nichole's husband, Dave Irwin death
Sabrina Nichole’s husband, Dave Irwin and child Julian died


The YouTube video that Lance posted on his channel did not immediately reveal the reason why infant Julian died. The YouTuber’s older sister is Sabrina Nicole. Followers of Lance posted several tributes in the comments section.

Joe Clayton wrote Sabrina, I have no words. There are no words. Absolutely none. I’m so very sorry. I’m thinking of you and praying for you. Your two angels will give you the strength to endure.

Dave Irwin cause of death:

Lance described his family’s grief in his video by saying that his sister Sabrina’s infant, Baby Julian passed away on Saturday, April 15. Subsequently, his sister’s husband Dave had a heart attack and passed away a few days later on Tuesday, April 18th, 2023.

Bruce and Nina’s children are Lance Stewart and Sabrina Nicole, who is Lance’s older sister. They were raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where they were born.

Barbara Brown Irwin shared the demise news of grandchild on the social media by saying,

“My heart is shattered! I will never be the same to loose my 8 month grandson and three days later my son his father to a broken heart. God’s speed DAVID and JULIAN.”

Friends and family members of Sabrina were saddened by the death of two members from the Irwin family.

Who was David Robert Irwin?

David Robert Irwin is the husband of 28 years old, Sabrina Nicole, who is a fitness model. She is now depressed after losing both her husband and son.

Sabrina was a sister of Lance Stewart, who was raised in Franklinville, a town in New Jersey. Currently, Lance Stewart resides in Woodbury, New Jersey. He produced a number of entertaining six-second video clips and posted them on the video-sharing website. He has 6.52 million subscribers on YouTube channel.

Websites estimate that as of March 2022, he has a net worth of much more than $5 million. His income has come from the advertising that his jokes and prank comedy events have generated.

Both Sabrina Nicole and her husband Dave resided in New Jersey. Funeral plans and David Irwin’s obituary will be announced by the family.

Tributes to Irwin:

Patrick Kohlmyer posted,

RIP to a good friend Dave Irwin and his son. This hurts, I can’t believe it. I can’t even imagine what his family and wife are going through. Sending hugs and love.

Ashley PittariDave Irwin posted,

Dave Irwin many memories with all our friends.. praying for your wife you and your son Rip.

Keisha J Tazewell posted,

This hurts! Dave Irwin you will truly be missed! Rest well my friend my heart goes out to your family and especially your wife.

Dawn BakeyDave Irwin posted,

Rest in peace Dave and Julian my prayers and condolences to your family watch over sabrina!

Ian Joseph SastryDave Irwin posted,

Rest in peace man, It’s no question that you’re with Julian. While it’s tough we all know you guys are watching over Sabrina and your loved ones


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