Kpop Concert Accident: What happened? Explained


Kpop Concert Accident: What happened? Explained

During a pop event in Hong Kong, a large video screen falls on dancers. Let’s see about the accident in a pop concert and what happened in that event in detail

Kpop Concert Accident.

An accidental video panel toppled during Thursday night’s Mirror show at the Hong Kong Coliseum in Hung Hom, injuring at least two dancers.

After visiting the Coliseum on Friday, Kevin Yeung, the Secretary for Culture, Sports, and Tourism of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) told reporters that the incident was caused by a metal suspension cord that broke.

What exactly happened in concert?

The event in Hong Kong featured the well-known band Mirror. On July 28, the concert was held. The program started in the middle. During the show, a huge video monitor unexpectedly collapsed onto the stage.
After the incident, the group decided to end the show in the midst of it.

Five people suffered injuries. To quickly save those who were hurt at the accident scene, the rescue squad rushed onto the stage. Three of them were subsequently sent to the nearby hospital. The medical team’s report states that although they are now not in danger, they are nonetheless being watched.

According to RTHK on Friday, Yeung stated that it was too early to determine who was to blame for the disaster. The HKSAR is paying attention to the accident and needs time to conduct a thorough investigation, Yeung informed the reporters following the inspection of the Hong Kong Coliseum on Friday.

According to the HKSAR official website on Friday, Chief Executive of HKSAR John Lee expressed condolences and called for a thorough inquiry into the disaster that occurred during a concert by the well-known boy band Mirror performed at the Hong Kong Coliseum in Hung Hom on Thursday night.

What do media Reports confess?

According to RTHK, Richard Li Tzar-kai, chairman of PCCW, the organization that owns concert promoter MakerVille, is extremely concerned about the tragedy and has agreed to pay for the medical bills of a dancer who was gravely hurt.

By rumors in the media, the dancer “Mo” Lee Kai-yin underwent an eight-hour procedure on Friday.

According to the official information website of the HKSAR, the HKSAR has already ordered that the concert be postponed until the stage’s structure is confirmed to be secure.

The task force will look into and follow up on the accident’s cause, as per a need from the local authorities to the necessary departments.

According to Yeung, the person in charge of renting the venue is responsible for the safety of the facilities, will be in control of the construction, and will hire qualified engineers to certify that the facilities are safe to use.

‘We will strictly enforce the law and find out who is responsible for the accident,’ said Yeung. The relevant department will confirm that it obtained documentary approval before allowing the performance to proceed.

Yeung emphasized that appropriate department representatives had brought up ideas for improvement to the concert organizers after some issues that had occurred earlier at the same concert, including complaints about the positioning of individuals on stage and people falling.

What happened according to Onsite video?

According to the report, the involved staff had spent the entire night in the Coliseum looking into the issues.

A large video panel that crashed onto the stage during the boy band Mirror’s performance and struck at least two dancers can be seen in the on-site video that has gone viral on social media.

According to local media accounts, the event happened at about 10:35 p.m.

The accident injured five persons, three of whom were sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital where one was in critical condition and the other two were listed as stable, according to a report from RTHK on Friday.

According to the report, some fans present at the scene expressed disbelief, while others claimed the incident caused psychological harm. “The incident has me in disbelief. I send my condolences to those who were hurt and wish them a speedy recovery “In a statement on Friday, John Lee stated.

To safeguard the safety of performers, working staff, and members of the public, Lee has contacted the pertinent departments to fully examine the occurrence and review the safety regulations of comparable performance activities.

The event promoter, MakerVille, announced that it will postpone the remaining shows and live streams while a full investigation into the accident’s cause is conducted.

In a statement, the event’s organizers, Music Nation Group, and MakerVille apologized and expressed compassion for the injured.

The organizer declared that they would work with the appropriate authorities and departments and alert the police if any illegal activity occurred.

The Hong Kong Theatre Arts Practitioners Union released a statement on social media on Friday urging the pertinent organizations to take full responsibility for the occurrence and requesting that the local police and pertinent departments launch an investigation.

A comprehensive investigation of the incident was also demanded by Kenneth Fok Kai-kong, a member of the Legislative Council for Sports, Performing Arts, Culture, and Publication.

The Hong Kong Coliseum has been one of the most well-liked multifunctional indoor stadiums for international sporting events, entertainment shows, pop concerts, and conventions since it opened officially on April 27, 1983.

What happened to the Dancers?

Anson Lo and Edan Lui of Mirror were performing on stage with a dozen dancers when one of the many dangling LED displays fell onto the stage, as shown in social media video recordings.

Before crashing onto another dancer as the crowd gasped in horror, the falling screen appeared to strike one dancer directly in the head and body.

The films demonstrated how the remaining artists on stage sprang into action to aid those impacted by the screen. The two male dancers were brought to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital while still conscious, according to the police.

One of the dancers was in a bad condition, the hospital said, according to local media, while the other was stable.

Kpop Concert Accident: Latest News.

On social media, the incident’s video has become widely shared. The incident’s footage has been viewed by millions of people. Ahfa Wong, the band’s manager, entered the stage after the incident and abruptly called off the event. Wong afterward offered his apologies to the audience for this choice.

The tragedy has thousands of fans in a state of shock. Fans have already started a petition calling for the concert’s infrastructure to be improved. The band has also previously been involved in an accident.

An investigation into the accident was urged by several followers. Social media users blasted the concert’s organizer and called for increased protection for the performers.


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