Ken Whitten passed away, Muskegon, MI tattoo artist dies after a brief illness

 Ken Whitten passed away, Muskegon, MI tattoo artist dies after a brief illness

Ken Whitten, Muskegon, MI tattoo artist passed away unexpectedly leaving his family and loved ones in utter despair.

He was known as the community’s preferred tattoo artist, and according to the clients of his work, he is the only reliable artist with significant tattoo work.

People from his community and loved ones have taken to social media to express their condolences and share their memories of Ken.

The news of Ken’s passing has left all of his friends and family members inconsolable, and our condolences go out to his family and loved ones. Here’s what we know about him and Ken Whitten’s death cause.

Ken Whitten passed away

As per the reports, Ken Whitten, one of the celebrated tattoo artists dies after a brief illness. Ken is self-employed at Sky Images Tattooing and has been in business for 30 years. 

Cause of death

Ken was hospitalized approximately two weeks ago (Jan 2023) for a lower intestinal obstruction that developed into an infection. He was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea in addition to his congestive heart failure, since his admission to the hospital.

He passed away today as a result of a brief illness, and we should pray for his family at this trying time. The following statement was made on January 20, 2023, detailing Ken’s condition and hospice care.

Ken’s son Abraham wrote,

My dad is now home recovering, he will be following up with doctors/specialists to help him make the best recovery possible, I’ve also started a Gofundme as I said in the description that no one is obligated to donate but it is indefinitely appreciated.

And again I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and prayers. To whom it may concern. This is Ken’s son, Abraham, my dad just wanted everyone to know that he is currently in the hospital. He’s doing really well and they know what’s wrong. He didn’t want people to think that he was ignoring them in any way.

He has now been in the hospital for about 3 days, I didn’t want to post anything without results and scare anyone but the main thing is he is doing great.

Feeling better each day. If you want to help just please pray for him. I will update everyone as soon as I can thank you – Abraham Sky Images Tattoo.

The Gofundme page reads the following statement,

Hi, my name is Abraham Whitten kens son, as some of you may know my dad was admitted to the hospital almost 2 weeks ago for a lower bowel blockage that turned septic. During his time at the hospital, the doctors revealed to him he will be needing a BiPAP machine. If not known these machines can be up to $6000-$7000. I also wanted to thank everyone for their kind words & prayers. Anything will help, no one is obligated to donate whatsoever although it is indefinitely appreciated – Abraham.


Who was Ken Whitten?

He was the professional Tattoo Artist and owner of Muskegon’s Oldest & First State Licensed Professional Tattooing & Body Piercing Studio Sky Images Tattooing.

The owner of this business, Ken, spends time talking with his clients to determine exactly what they want in terms of tattoo design. As the client describes their needs, he draws incredibly well in freestyle.

Ken is incredibly talented in his line of work. He shows compassion by ensuring that his clients are as put at ease as possible while having their body art. Sky Images Tattooing is located at 3649 E Apple Ave, Muskegon Charter Township, MI, United States.

What are his clients’ opinions of his work?

One person said,

The owner was a very caring and genuine guy. He accepted my wife as a walk-in on a Saturday after learning about her deceased sister’s birthday and wanting to get a tattoo to honor her. He held a conversation with her the whole time making her feel better in the process. The tattoo came out great as well. I would recommend this shop to anyone. Thank you, Ken, for the great job you did on my tattoo.

Another person wrote,

Great experience here, my friend and I got tattooed here over a year ago and I just remembered to put a review here. Got us in last minute on a day they weren’t even supposed to be open. It was my friend and mine first tattoo so we didn’t really know what we were doing. Got us both in and got us tattooed the next day, was super cool during the experience. Let us use his discount for the pizza place nearby. We had a really good experience and would definitely recommend it.

A third person wrote,

Ken is amazing! He made my whole arm dedicated to my kids and in the exact way, I asked for it. He helped me with placement and sizing as well, he always made me feel comfortable and asked if I was doing alright from time to time. Definitely love his personality and recommend him for future tattoos! Thank you again!

The community remembers Ken Whitten following the tragic loss

Sixshooter posted,

I want to say one of my best friends in this town has passed away my friend Ken Whitten I will miss you so very much. Also, Lord please take this man and let him know we love him please watch over his family as they are said that he has been called home we no he is free now and will ride on forever Amen.

Hailey Marie said,

R.I.P. Ken Whitten, praying for all my family right now! He did my mama’s only tattoo 😞 Prayers are being sent 🙏🏼❤️

Briana Verhulst said,

Not my tattoo artist. 😢 My fav tattoo ken whitten did. Rest easy. He’s the only one I really trusted with big tattoo work ❤️‍🩹

Carlos Hernandez said,

A tough day… RIP to my Mentor Ken Whitten Condolences to the Whitten Family. He enjoyed tattooing Harley Davidson logos but he let me have this one. I am forever grateful. Cheers🙏🍻


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3 thoughts on “Ken Whitten passed away, Muskegon, MI tattoo artist dies after a brief illness”

  1. Ken was one of a kind that is for sure he grew up my brother in law and my deceased husband . At the time of my husbands death we didn’t have the money for the cremation Ken came through for that all of that about 1500.00. I’m very sorry for the loss of such a great talented kind hearted person. I have some of the fist ink colors he got to open his first business still so he knew what he was doing you will be missed . The McIlraths

  2. I was in Muskegon visiting family this past July, and decided to get me first tattoo, at the great age of 58. Ken worked with me, its like he could read my mind as to what I wanted!. He took his time and was so gentle!! I was planning to go back and have him do another. He was great! I’m sorry to hear of his passing. I pray for all the family, friends and customers who knew him. RIP! You’re home now, no sickness, no pain. God bless you!

  3. I found out tonight about u passing and my heart just broke 💔 I remember going to school together my dad dropping u off at home and how badly i had a secret crush on you. I am sorry you had so much illness at this phase of life and pray your family will find peace .Both my tattoos were from you and i think of u every time i look at them,we will meet again this i do know ,your friend Sonja Herrera


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