Thato Mogotsi passed away after went missing, Pretoria woman reportedly found dead

Thato Mogotsi passed away after went missing. (Source: Facebook)
Thato Mogotsi passed away after went missing. (Source: Facebook)


The community of Pretoria, South Africa, has been devastated by the tragic news of Thato Mogotsi’s passing. Thato Mogots, age 29, who had been missing for the past few days, has passed away suddenly.

Loved ones are left mourning the loss of a brilliant woman who touched many lives as police toil relentlessly to uncover the facts surrounding her untimely demise. This article explores Thato Mogots’s disappearance in detail, the death inquiry, and the effect she had on those who knew her. Keep reading.


Thato Mogotsi passed away after went missing: What happened?

Thato Mogotsi’s colorful life ended tragically and unexpectedly. She went missing over the past few days. The whole neighborhood prayed for her safe return and is now devastated by the news of her death.

Thato Mogotsi has reportedly made contact with the Ga-Rankuwa Mail and has also phoned her family to ease their fears, according to yesterday’s Ga-Rankuwa Mail Media report.

After speaking with the family, it was revealed today that she passed away last evening. Additionally, there are also suspicions that she was abducted and forced into contacting the family.

For the time being, the family has promised to provide additional details later.

Although our staff declines to confirm any reports regarding the news, you can be sure that we are making every effort to compile pertinent details about the tragedy and provide the most recent updates as soon as possible; nevertheless, keep in mind that family privacy should be respected.

Femicide in South Africa:

Every four hours, a woman is murdered in South Africa. Sadly, femicide is vastly underreported in the media, and police records frequently obliterate the victims’ identities, reducing them to numbers.

The Centre for Constitutional Rights, a human rights organization, estimates that South Africa has a femicide rate that is five times higher than the global average. According to reports, 21 women were apparently slain by men in the nation in the first two weeks of June 2020. However, we might never learn their names, identities, or backstories.

The common sense of terror and societal trauma has manifested itself in South African women’s cries for help on social media, pleading with the authorities to stop femicide.

Community Mourns:

Thato Tebatso Mogotsi, 29, was from Mamelodi, Gauteng. She recently got married and lived in Pretoria, South Africa, where she passed away. Thato Mogotsi’s passing brings the search for the missing to a painful end. Her loved ones recall her as a compassionate and active person as they grieve her passing. While the community joins in to give their sympathies during this difficult period, authorities are still looking into the circumstances behind her death. Those who knew Thato Mogotsi will remember her memory always for the love and joy she brought into their lives.


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