Johnson & Johnson Why did they stop Corona virus vaccine trials?

Johnson & Johnson Why did they stop Corona virus vaccine trials?

Johnson & Johnson, an American pharmaceutical company, has announced that it will suspend production of the Corona vaccine.

Johnson & Johnson stops vaccine trials

Johnson & Johnson said in a statement that the decision was made because one of the volunteers involved in the experiment had fallen ill.

While it is not clear what disease the sick person has, the agency said, The autonomous care team and the volunteer’s own physician are continuing to monitor his condition. The third phase of the ENSEMBLE study has been suspended.

About 60,000 people took part in Johnson & Johnson multi-stage testing. They were first vaccinated two weeks ago. In this case, all efforts have been put on hold by the current decision.

Difficulties in corona vaccine trials

Difficulties in corona vaccine trials

Johnson & Johnson plan is that a single corona vaccine will suffice, while private pharmaceutical companies have called for two vaccinations to prevent the corona virus.

Meanwhile, its rivals Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna have been adhering to a two-weekly double-vaccination program, all of which are facing various difficulties in vaccination.

Earlier, AstraZeneca volunteer, who had received a pharmaceutical company vaccine related to its vaccine program in the UK last week, was suspended for a few days due to illness.


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