Jehovah’s Witnesses Hall shooting: What happened? Why the man shot his wife before killing himself?


 Jehovah's Witnesses Hall shooting: What happened? Why the man shot his wife before killing himself?

On Christmas morning inside a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall in Thornton, Colorado, a man fatally shot his wife before shooting himself, according to authorities. Learn more Jehovah’s Witnesses Hall shooting in this article.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Hall shooting: What happened?

The two people found deceased at the location were a married couple who had formerly belonged to the Kingdom Hall congregation, according to a news release from Thornton Police.



The coroner for Adams County, according to the police, would later authenticate the identities of the deceased. The Adams County Sheriff’s Department Hazardous Material Unit is currently looking into suspicious devices discovered at the scene, and authorities are interviewing witnesses as part of the ongoing investigation, it was further stated.

Three “incendiary devices” were discovered at the scene, the Thornton Police Department reported Sunday night. The Thornton Police Department reported that the Adams County Hazardous Material Unit assisted in making them safe and collecting them. They gave no details regarding the kinds of incendiary devices discovered or their precise locations.

There are “no additional worries for the safety of the Thornton neighborhood,” the police claim. About 10 miles are needed to get reach Thornton from Denver’s center.

At a Colorado Jehovah’s Witness meeting, a man kills his wife and himself

Police reported that a man shot and killed his wife at a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall outside of Denver, Colorado, on Sunday. The Thornton, Colorado, police department said in a news release on Sunday that it received a complaint about a fire at the hall at around 9 a.m. on Christmas Day.

Later, authorities were informed that a man had shot and murdered a woman there. According to officials, the man later committed suicide. The couple, who had previously belonged to Kingdom Hall, were married.

The Hazardous Material Unit of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado was looking into what was being labeled “strange devices” that were discovered at the hall. The man and woman’s identities were withheld by the police.

Before confirming specifics of the purported gunshot, authorities claimed there was no immediate threat to the surrounding neighborhood. The violent acts that claimed two lives in our city, according to a statement from Thornton Mayor Jan Kulmann  “saddened the Thornton City Council and me.”

“Violence of this nature is appalling at any time, but especially on Christmas Day. We are aware that the Thornton Police Department is only beginning its investigation, and we will discover more in the coming days.

For now, our aim is that every one of us may take some time to think about the people we cherish and discover a way to keep them close to us today, she said.



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