Jamie Marie, a.k.a. Jamie Crane ATV accident: Tunkhannock woman died in a crash in Bradford County


_Jamie Marie, a.k.a. Jamie Crane died in an ATV accident
Jamie Marie, a.k.a. Jamie Crane a Tunkhannock woman died in a crash in Bradford County (Source: Jamie’s Facebook)


After an ATV accident in Bradford County, a 23-year-old died. Following an inquiry, authorities identified the victim as Jamie Marie, also known as Jamie Crane.

The sudden and tragic death of Jamie Marie in a devastating accident has left her family and friends mourning the loss of a lovable and beloved girl.

She left behind her family, friends, and other loved ones. Please keep reading to know more about Jamie Marie and her cause of death.

An ATV accident in Bradford County

On Saturday afternoon, a 23-year-old lady perished in an ATV accident in Bradford County. Around 6:50 p.m. on Saturday, Canton Township’s Barnes Hill Road was the scene of an ATV crash, according to state police.

The 23-year-old lady was operating the ATV on Barnes Hill Road when, according to the press release, she veered off the road and collided with a pole.

In the middle of Barnes Hill Road, the ATV came to a complete stop. The driver was discovered deceased at the site, according to officials. Jamie Crane, a 23-year-old from Falls Township in Wyoming County, has been named as the victim.

What happened to Jamie Marie, a.k.a. Jamie Crane?

The tragic and sudden death of a loved one comes as a big shock to everyone involved. Her friends and relatives have been sharing their sorrow on social media and asking others to remember William in their prayers.

Jamie Marie, a.k.a. Jamie Crane a Tunkhannock woman passed away unexpectedly. It’s difficult to put into words the vacuum Jamie Marie’s untimely demise has caused among her entire friends and family.

The crash happened on Barnes Hill Road, Canton Township, just before 7 p.m. on July 15, 2023. According to authorities, Jamie Crane was operating an ATV when she crossed into the opposing lane and struck a post where she died at the scene.

Megan Janoski close friend of Jamie Crane conveyed the heartbreaking news along with the following statement on her official Facebook page. Read the message below where she wrote,

Dude we were so close for so long and then we drifted, I wish I would’ve kept in touch, I can’t believe you’re gone from my homecoming date three years in a row my best friend, we did a lot of dumb shit together, we got into a load of trouble and it will always be remembered, skipping class, onesies, date nights homecoming, and babysitting, it sucks that ur gone but I’ll always remember that crazy shit we did. Look over that family of yours, and give ‘em hell while ur up there.

Jamie Crane’s Friends mourn her unexpected and tragic death

Kat Jean

Fly high Jamie we all love you very much we’re going to miss you you were such a sweet, generous, kind person and very big-hearted and you try to be there for everyone Jamie Marie.

Kylie Garnet

Jamie Marie, I didn’t know you quite well but I’ll miss the memories of when we went to school together. I’m so sorry this happenedR.I.P. Jamie, I’ll miss you

Justine Crane

This one hits home man… I’ve been building up every ounce of strength to make this post… because once I hit enter it’s officially real in my head… we had our ups and downs, we fought as sisters should, and we cried..laughed, and cursed one another out but you were the single best sister ever to have and to say I can’t see you again or hear from you again to answering your random video calls or to you showing me your cow pictures is straight breaking me into pieces… I can’t even comprehend that this is real, I can’t put it in my head I will no longer hear from you again, see you again… I love you so much Jamie Marie, rest easy and always look down on us and you protect us.

We at MEDICO TOPICS extend our sympathies to Jamie Marie’s mourning family and loved ones during this trying time. They are moving through a horrible and intensely personal time of loss while searching for solace and healing when it is appropriate.


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