Bj Suzara death: Well-known vocalist dies after liver failure

BJ Suzara cause of death. (Source: Facebook)
BJ Suzara died. (Source: Facebook)


BJ Suzara passed away: Learn more about the unfortunate death of the vocalist Bj Suzara, who died on July 16, 2023.

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Who was BJ Suzara?

Bernard Joseph M. Suzara, commonly referred to as Bj Suzara, was a vocalist with the Dance With Me Kris Band and the Operations Manager at PatPat. He is a CFR host, DJ, content writer, marketing manager, vocalist, and public relations professional.

He attended Saint Francis of Assisi School and the University of San Carlos to further his education. He spent his entire life in Cebu City, Suzzara.


How did BJ Suzara die?

On July 16, 2023, vocalist BJ Suzara passed away.

Lizzy Suzara, his mother, posted the heartbreaking information on Facebook.

She wrote,

“With great sadness we, the family, would like to inform friends and family that we lost BJ Suzara at 10:59am. 💔😭

On Facebook, Dance with me Kris Band also announced the heartbreaking news and planned to provide updates on the funeral service soon.

His departure shocked the neighborhood and beyond, and many people were heartbroken by the loss of such a magnificent person.


BJ Suzara cause of death

We’re sorry to have to inform you that BJ Suzara has passed away.

BJ Suzara developed a bad cold on June 19, 2023, and it lasted for two weeks, causing fever, nausea, and hallucinations every single night. His oxygen saturation was 77%. Then, within the past three days, he noticed some physical changes.

He posted on Facebook that he frequently experiences hallucinations, his taste senses are off, and he throws up after eating. In the middle of the night, he also developed a slight buildup of mucus and nausea and a high fever. He initially thought it was the weather.

Since he left the hospital over a month ago, the feeling has been quite awful. He appealed to everyone to recommend a pulmonologist because he was in dire need of one for a checkup.

He announced that he had his first checkup with the Pulmo doctor in his update on June 27, 2023. When he walks, urinates, or takes a dump, he claims to gasp for oxygen since his lungs are still weak.

The doctor offered him new medication, though, and advised him to stop taking the high blood pressure medication because his blood pressure is now normal. Additionally, the doctor recommended supplements to strengthen his immune system. He said that the strong antibiotics may have harmed his kidney.

Then, on July 14, 2023, he let everyone know that his infectious doctor had discovered a brand-new fungus that was harming his lungs.

His two doctors decided that he would be admitted to Vicente Sotto Medical Centre. In addition to the fungi in his lungs, he also mentioned that the unusually high creatine in his blood indicates that he may be experiencing liver failure.

He also appealed for donations to cover his expenses and for everyone to remember him in their prayers while he battles his disease.

After a protracted fight with liver failure, Bj Suzara passed away in spite of the efforts of the doctors and the prayers of his friends and family.


Tributes to BJ Suzara

After Bj Suzara’s passing was reported, condolences poured in for the late vocalist.

Jay Henry Ermac wrote: “Rest in peace BJ Suzara. This will be the last jud nga maka chat ta. You are a fighter but i think God needs you this time. We’l be missing you.”

Ercyka wrote: “Rest in peace Kuya BJ Suzara. I know you are in a better place najd and d naka mag antos sa tanan gpamati nmo😭hays blanko pa kaayu akong utok wala pko ka move on ni opaw and now ikaw npd😭💔

One of the worst things anyone can go through in life is losing a loved one. Any journey must have a destination at the end. The person’s time on earth has regrettably come to an end now that they have died. We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends.

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