How was the ISIS leader killed? Who will be the next ISIS leader?

How was the ISIS leader killed? Who will be the next ISIS leader?


How was the ISIS leader killed: President Biden is praising a successful US counterterrorism operation that resulted in the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. In Syria, he was slain by US Special Forces overnight. ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a “terrible terrorist commander,” according to Biden. Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi is his name. Musaib. Al-Qurayshi blew up his third-floor apartment to escape being apprehended, killing several innocent women and children, according to Biden. It’s worth mentioning that the first rumours of a strike in Afghanistan against terrorists turned out to be false once all the specifics were validated. Details are still being investigated, according to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. Let’s see How was the ISIS leader killed by the US troops.


What we know about the ISIS leader who died?

Al-Qurayshi, according to President Joe Biden, was personally responsible for the jail strike as well as the horrific massacres of Yazidis in Iraq in 2014.

“He was the driving force behind the slaughter of the Yazidi people,” Biden stated on Thursday, referring to the recent deadly attack on a prison in northeast Syria. “We all remember the heartbreaking stories of mass slaughters that wiped out entire villages, tens of thousands of women and young girls sold into slavery, and wartime rape.”

It’s uncertain if the killing of al-Qurayshi would derail the group’s progress.

Amir Mohammed Saeed Abdul-Rahman al-true Mawla’s name was Amir Mohammed Saeed Abdul-Rahman al-Mawla, an Iraqi in his mid-40s who was born in 1976 and is thought to be an ethnic Turkman from Tel Afar in northern Iraq. He graduated from Mosul University with a degree in Islamic law.

When he became IS’s “caliph,” he adopted the epithet al-Qurayshi, implying that he, like his predecessor, claimed ties to the clan of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

Al-Qurayshi spent his final days in Idlib province, which is occupied by insurgent forces hostile to IS, like his predecessor, who was assassinated barely 24 kilometres (15 miles) away in the hamlet of Barisha.

He was residing in a three-story mansion near the Turkish border in the town of Atmeh. According to first responders, he and 12 other individuals were slain in the early Thursday raid on the residence, including four women and six children.

Few individuals in Atmeh knew who the family that rented the property was after the raid. Journalists on the scene were told by neighbours that the guy who lived on the top level with his family had previously identified himself as Abu Ahmad, a Syrian who had fled Aleppo region due to the fighting. The destroyed residence included children’s toys, a cradle, and religious texts, including a biography of Prophet Mohammad.


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How was the ISIS leader killed by US troops?

How was the ISIS leader killed by US troops?


President Biden said on Thursday that ISIS commander Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi blew himself up during a pre-dawn mission in northern Syria by US special operations, and that all Americans were safely returned.

“This vile terrorist commander is no more thanks to the valour of our men,” Biden said at the White House.

“United States military troops effectively removed a serious terrorist danger to the globe last night, executing on my orders,” Biden stated.

Al-Qurayshi was the “driving force” behind the slaughter of the Yazidis in northern Iraq, according to the president, who blamed him for the recent attack on a Syrian jail housing ISIS soldiers.

Al-Qurayshi, according to a senior government official who spoke to reporters on the condition of anonymity, “detonated a large explosion, killing himself and a number of others, including his wife and children. “This is the same terrorist approach used by his predecessor,” the official added, referring to Abu Bakr al-decision Baghdadi’s to “take his own life and those of his family rather than face prosecution or stand and fight on his own.””

The official stated, “Both of these terrorist commanders slaughtered their own families.” “In one case, the blast on the third storey was so powerful that it blasted bodies out of the home and into the surrounding surroundings.”

All of the deaths “at the site” were “due to the activities of ISIS terrorists,” according to the official.

When it was discovered that al-Qurayshi was residing at the facility more than a month ago, Biden was informed on the operation, and he was told again this week. With Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley in the Oval Office on Tuesday morning, he gave the green light. In the situation room, Biden and Vice President Harris observed the two-hour operation in real time. It went off without a hitch, like “clockwork,” according to one official.

Officials stated an ISIS lieutenant and his wife who lived on the second storey of the building were killed when they battled with US forces, and that eight children were “taken.”

A hostile encounter between a US helicopter and local troops, a group with al-Qaida ties, occurred near the end of the mission. At least two of the fighters were slain in the battle.


Who will be the next ISIS leader?

“So far, we don’t know who is waiting in the wings to replace Al-Qurayshi,” James Franklin Jeffrey, a former U.S. ambassador to Iraq and former special envoy on Syria, told NBC News. “An ISIS leader’s shelf life has recently been estimated to be around three years, so they are prepared for that scenario.”


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