How good is XPeng X2’s Flying car? A complete review from Dubai testing

Electric flying car makes its first flight in Dubai, the”Future of Mobility”


How good is XPeng X2's Flying car? A complete review from Dubai testing


This week, XPeng made a lot of news when its XPENG X2 flying automobile made its maiden public flight in the entire world. You may view a video of the event, which was amusing, below. One can’t help but feel like the future has come to Dubai after seeing the flying electric automobile. Let’s look at How good is XPeng X2’s Flying car and complete review of Dubai testing


Let’s take a moment to admire the breathtaking images and footage of the XPENG X2 flying car’s exciting accomplishment before we put our feet back on solid ground, though.

How good is XPeng X2’s Flying car?

The autonomous features of the remarkable electric vehicle X2 deserve special attention. It can actually fly.

One of the first things people say when they see a vehicle like this is, “Well, come on, you need a pilot’s license to use this.”

Yet another question is, “How safe is this flying car—how likely is someone to crash?”

An intuitive and safe flying experience

There are two driving modes available on the XPENG X2: manual and automated. With a simple start, return, and landing operations at the touch of a button, passengers can experience safe and intelligent flying during the autonomous trip.

No more carbon dioxide emissions:

There’s plenty more about the X2 that is appealing, and this is a convincing statement from XPeng: “The XPENG X2 is a two-seater flying car. It does not produce any carbon dioxide emissions during flight and is a step forward in the pursuit of urban green transportation.

Perfect for short-distance travel

Future low-altitude city planes can use it, and it’s ideal for short-distance city trips like sightseeing and medical transport.

Completely made of carbon fiber

The fifth-generation flying vehicle, the XPENG X2, was independently created and is produced by XPENG AEROHT. For the first time, the X2 uses an enclosed cockpit with a simple, teardrop-shaped design and a futuristic aesthetic to achieve the best possible in-flight performance. The XPENG X2 is entirely made of carbon fiber to save weight.

Some Downsides of XPENG X2

Good news thus far, But how useful is the X2 in real life? What will the price be? Who will be able to truly afford it?
Will flying cars like these ever become affordable for the masses? New technology is first pricey until costs drop and reach the masses.

Small aircraft have not. Not helicopters. Many individuals today hardly have access to even basic autos. Will the very wealthy ever have access to or use flying automobiles, though?

Where will millionaires and billionaires be able to use the X2, even if it costs $250,000, or $150,000 if we’re feeling ambitious? They might be able to fly to a local golf course from their spacious lawn. Could it be…? What kind of room will country clubs reserve for flying cars? How will they feel about aircraft flying too close to their golf course and ruining the country club’s serene, natural environment?

How many rooftop pads for such vehicles will there be, and will those be located where it is practical—where you want to fly? What will the laws of the sky be assuming all of the aforementioned things happen and work somehow?

People won’t be able to cross the city in a flying free-for-all, soar erratically above busy retail malls, or weave around other people in an urban setting like in Delhi and hope for the best.

Yes, the images and concepts are fantastic, however, we are not sure where flying electric cars will be used in the real world. Will they continue to be just a silly sideshow? Will they be able to play any real-world, beneficial roles in society? Let’s wait and watch.

Cost of XPENG X2

This flying vehicle would be the first to have road capabilities. It also had a lightweight design and a foldable rotor system for quick changes between driving and flying. The car should cost less than RMB 1,000,000 (or about $156,600), according to XPeng, and it should arrive in 2024.

Let’s look at some stunning pictures of XPENG X2








 XPeng X2’s Flying car first public exhibition

After passing the risks associated with unique operations and receiving a special flying authorization from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, this is the electric flying automobile XPENG X2’s first public exhibition (DCAA).

Over 150 people were present to witness this historic inaugural flight, including representatives from the Chinese Consulate in Dubai, the Dubai International Chamber of Commerce, the DCAA, the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, the Dubai World Trade Centre, and international media.

The first flight came after Vice Chairman and President of XPENG, Brian Gu, gave a keynote address on the X2 and the Future of Mobility on the first day of GITEX at the Dubai World Trade Center.

The public flight was held at Skydive Dubai, which is close to The Palm and offers fantastic airspace conditions and expansive cityscape vistas, making it a stunning background for the historic trip.

“XPENG X2’s public demonstration in Dubai is a key milestone for XPENG AEROHT and the international achievement of flying automobiles,” said Brian Gu, vice chairman and president of XPENG.

We chose to have the X2 inaugural public flight event in Dubai because it is known as a “City of Innovation.” The flight today is a significant development in XPENG’s investigation into future mobility.

XPeng X2’s Flying Car Info

  • The fifth-generation flying vehicle, the XPENG X2, was independently designed and created by XPENG AEROHT, with its headquarters in Guangzhou, China.
  • To achieve the best in-flight performance, the X2 adopts an enclosed cockpit for the first time, with a sci-fi aesthetic, a minimalist teardrop-shaped design, and high-efficient aerodynamics.
  • The XPENG X2 is entirely made of carbon fiber to decrease weight. A two-seat flying car is called the XPENG X2.
  • It advances the cause of urban green transportation because it does not emit any carbon dioxide while in flight.
  • Future low-altitude city planes can use it, and it’s ideal for short-distance city trips like sightseeing and medical transport.
  • There are two driving modes available on the XPENG X2: manual and automated.
  • Passengers can have a safe and intelligent flying experience during the autonomous flight with simple takeoff, return, and landing procedures at the touch of a button.

Achieving the XPENG X2 Dubai Flight

Working together with the DCAA, the XPENG X2 completed the specialized operational risk assessment satisfactorily, earning permission to conduct its first public flight in Dubai.

A skilled XPENG AEROHT team assembled the technical data from the X2 R&D team and, using the worldwide standard model as a guide, developed the operation concept and manual for the X2 demonstration flight. They also evaluated the risk associated with the operation.

The risk mitigation strategy was created with the help of the Sanad Academy and the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority to guarantee the safety of the X2’s first public flight.

The DCAA evaluators gave the XPENG X2 high marks for stability and uniformity of the full flight operation procedure during the test.

For the first time, China’s manned autonomous flying vehicle, the XPENG X2, has finished its operational risk assessment abroad.
Thus, XPENG Aeroht is the first business to complete the evaluation in Dubai for the particular weight class.

Tech Day for XPENG

On this year’s 1024 XPENG Tech Day, XPENG AEROHT will reveal the significant R&D advancement of the sixth-generation flying automobile, including the configuration, exterior design, and air driving technique (24 Oct 2022).

This next-generation electric flying automobile, can travel on land and in the air and has both manual and automatic flight driving modes. That marks a genuine transition from two-dimensional to three-dimensional mobility.

It can activate the folding deformation system to achieve vertical takeoff. And landing for a low-altitude human flight in addition to meeting daily travel demands.

In summary

Flying car by XPENG at GITEX Global On October 10th, the Dubai World Trade Center hosted the opening of GITEX GLOBAL 2022, one of the biggest tech events in the world.

The 42nd edition of the event brings together the most cutting-edge businesses and the brightest minds to delve deeply into a variety of technology themes, including future mobility. It will host 5,000 firms and 100,000 attendees from 170 countries.

On the first day of the GITEX international exposition, the XPENG X2 flying car, on display at the XPENG AEROHT pavilion Za’abeel Hall 3, captured the attention of hundreds of attendees.


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